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Airbrush Step by Step English Edition - epaper
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Airbrush Step by Step English Edition - epaper

The magazine for all airbrush artists

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issue 4/2016
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Airbrush Step by Step English Edition - epaper
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Magazine Airbrush Step by Step English Edition - epaper Editorial

Lesen Sie was die Redaktion in dieser Airbrush Step by Step English Edition Ausgabe 4/2016 vom 29.09.2016 schreibt:

10 Years of Airbrush Step by Step...

...Wow, that makes 45 German editions and 39 English editions/E-Papers. When we first started up with the first discussions, test articles, and layout by in April of 2006, this was under the guise of: Well, if it doesn’t work out, we’ll just have to look for another job..... That was certainly the case for no less than my wife, who had just lost her prior job with a PR agency and was now facing the choice of becoming a freelancer or becoming subjected to the whims of the employment office. I, on the other hand, had been busying myself for a long time with writing and creating layouts for airbrushing instructions. My first ”effusions“ could already be read in “Airbrush Total”. My degree was in Graphic Designs and my thesis work was dedicated to designing an airbrush instruction book with the respective DVD.

With all this in mind, along with the fact that the beloved Airbrush Total had passed away three years prior and I felt that the remaining Art Scene International wasn’t very beginner-friendly in light of its austere interviews and minimal step by steps, we decided to give the art of creating and bringing out a magazine the good old college try. Airbrush and designing knowledge was already there and we had made our first contact with the industry via i.e. Efbe, Createx, and Harder & Steenbeck. My wife was also incorporating her editorial and marketing knowledge from her time with the PR agency. Well, we thought this was a pretty good basis with which to start things up. What we didn’t have was capital, contact to printing shops, price and volume expectations as well as experience with ad marketing and magazine distribution. That final point ended up being the biggest hurdle!

How do I get my printed and bound pages into stores? After having initially spent a lot getting in with airbrush dealers and having sent tons of mailings to magazine distributors, we were one day called by the publishing house Marquardt & Wellhausen, also from Hamburg, which is well known for model construction title such as Cars & Details, Trucks & Details, etc. As we later found out, CEO Sebastian Marquardt had already heard about our endeavors and could sympathize with what we were doing, seeing as how it reminded him very much about his humble beginnings right from his own sofa. Something we can still hardly believe to this day is that he felt compelled and inspired to simply give us a hand. This wasn’t done financially, but rather by providing us with a whole bunch of contacts, information, tips, and fundamental knowledge all about the magazine industry and market. We’d like to once again take the opportunity to say Thanks so very much for this incredible start-up help! With that and a first edition of Airbrush Step by Step including 6’000 samples – we simply couldn’t afford any more - landed on September 28th, 2006 in German magazine shops. With some further education measures, a ton of research, and business reading matter, informative discussions with industry specialists, and most especially a whole lot trial & error, we were able to get ourselves up and running.

There are a lot of people we’d like to thank! Especially those in the airbrush industry who have supported us right from the beginning through the sale of magazines and advertisements. Of special note are partners such as Harder & Steenbeck, Createx, Iwata, and Efbe. We naturally thank our customers who have become regular and loyal readers over the course of time. The best content in a magazine isn’t worth a thing if the financing for the printing and editors isn’t ensured. Something else we’re proud of, even if it has been difficult at times and certainly hasn’t been something that’s made everyone happy, is that we’ve never been dependent upon a single company or institution. Independent and useful information that helps the readers and airbrush users is still given the highest priority to this very day.

We naturally also thank the many artists who have been very gracious in sharing their work with us and our readers. We know how hard it is for many to place their work process in photos and words, often ”just on the fly“ while naturally already busy with their career, orders, and family. Especially for many hobby artists, the biggest hurdle is usually one’s own demands of one’s self: Am I good enough to show my artwork in an airbrush magazine? Yes, sometimes we have to turn down certain submissions due to a lack of quality. Even more common is the case that we’ve got to convince artists – from beginners to full-fledged pros – that their art had certainly earned the right to be presented to thousands of readers all around Europe!

As I mentioned, we’d also like to give some big-time thanks to our numerous service providers, such as the printing shops, magazine and E-Paper distributors with whom we’ve had the opportunity to work over the years. And we certainly can’t forget you, our cherished readers! We truly have a number of readers who’ve been with us right from the very first issue. A whole bunch more have been with us for quite a few years and we seem to gain new readers on a daily basis. This is something we continually get excited about. After all, that serves as a huge incentive and we want to provide you with informative instructions, interesting stories, practical innovations, and helpful tips surrounding our favorite topic – airbrushing – for the next 10 years as well. We look forward to it!

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issue 4/2016 of 29.09.2016
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Language English
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Category Travel, Leisure & Science

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