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Keep close to your customers with your restaurant magazines, beauty magazines and fashion magazines

A restaurant magazine covers the newest culinary delights and gives restaurateurs advice concerning first-class service for their guests. A beauty magazine and fashion magazines take on the most popular trends from the areas of fashion and beauty and present how customers can be offered the most attentive service.

Shop just the way you’d like: When you’d always like to be kept up to date in regard to trends in fashion, beauty and restaurant business, a subscription or perhaps even several trade magazines included in the comprehensive flat rate is the right decision. For those on a small budget, a student subscription is just perfect. If you should rather be interested in only one certain issue or article of a magazine, you could also buy a single issue or a single page.

Read just the way you’d like: You’d like to have your beauty, fashion and restaurant magazines available wherever you go? You should then select the digital issue that you can download as a PDF-file to your PC, your tablet or smartphone or directly read it in the practical App or on the web. You occassionally enjoy the advantages of the digital age, however, reading from paper is still your favorite way? Of course, your selected magazine is also available as a printed issue.

Everything for the Guests

A restaurant magazine is for restaurateurs who know that the restaurant business require more than just to serve tasty food. Therefore, the magazine not only reports about the newest national and international delights, but instead, also give its readers useful advice concerning the guests’ courteous hospitality, appealing design of the restaurant, bar or café and successful marketing.

Many restaurant magazines also focus on certain areas of the catering trade. For example, there are special magazines for school catering, bakers and for catering businesses that take care of their guests around the clock and thus, must accommodate special requirements.

The World of Fashion

Regardless whether you are a fashion consultant, stylist, tailor or sales associate in the fashion sector, when you’d like to optimally advise and clothe your customers, you must know what is currently “in”. For a moment, fashion magazines toss you on the international catwalks and present to you the newest trends in fashion matters.

A cool look is only complete with the matching accessories. That’s why, in fashion magazines not only report about dresses, skirts and slacks but also about shoes, jewelry and watches. Since the trend of a conscience lifestyle has reached the fashion sector in the meantime, many magazines are covering the topic of sustainability.

Covering the Beauty Topic

Taking care of the customers’ beauty is not only the responsibility of cosmeticians and beauticians, but also of nail designers, druggists and pharmacists. A beauty magazine informs you about the newest innovations in the field of skin care, decorative cosmetics and hair care and finds out for you, which products are especially recommendable.

However, a beauty magazine not only informs you about beauty products. Moreover, it also coaches you in the customer service area and shows you how to select the appropriate care products for your customers.

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