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With this editorial, the editor or editor-in-chief of the magazine Kirmes & Park Revue English Edition - epaper initiates the current issue 2/2018. Here you can find out which articles are especially readable or where the suggestions came from.

SAFETY AND OPERATIONS AUDITS: Money Well Spent for Benefits Well Received

Are you a manager, a supervisor, the CEO, or in any leadership role in a theme park, amusement park, water park, family entertainment center, or other leisure operation? If you are, then you have to continually ask yourself a very simple, but essential question. That question is, “are my staff members really doing their jobs correctly, efficiently, and safely”? Even though our industry is one of the safest, it is inevitable that accidents or incidents can happen. And even though you strive to offer guest excellence at all times, sometimes a situation occurs where guests get upset and leave unhappy. When any of these things happen, this is unfortunately what our guests will remember. And, what our guests remember is what they share with others. Many of you may already implement in-park programs where supervisory teams perform audits of your operations. These regular internal check-ups are very important to maintain. But, you have to also admit that when your employees are aware of an internal audit taking place, they may tend to behave a bit better and be more attentive to their duties. So, how do you answer the question posed earlier? How do you really know if your employees – mainly those on the front lines – are carrying out their duties the way you trained them? Are they offering high-quality guest service? Are they properly checking ride restraints? Are they being efficient? Are they friendly and smiling? One of the best ways to know is to implement an external audit or check-up. Having an experienced outside group come into your park to perform operational audits can be of great benefit to your overall operation. Regardless of how well you believe your staff is performing, an outside audit from an experienced firm can provide you with the confidence in knowing that your predetermined policies and procedures are indeed being implemented.

Since outside auditors can generally observe operations in a “blind” setting, meaning your staff will not know they are being audited, these auditors truly become your “eyes and ears” so you will know whether or not your staff is being compliant. After all, if you do not have this type of check-up in place, then you and your facility face several risks. You face a greater risk of an accident or incident occurring. You face a greater risk of employee dissatisfaction or turnover because employees may not feel comfortable with their training or in the position they are working. You also face a greater risk of negatively impacting your attendance because your guests did not receive positive interaction or did not have a memorable experience at your park. These risks, if realized, can have negative repercussions. These risks can be lessened by having an outside audit conducted of your operation. Yes, there are specific outside audits that parks generally must have any time there has been an accident or serious incident. But, our goal as park management is to minimize the need for “after-an-accident” safety audit by having operational and safety audits conducted on a regular basis during normal operations. To recap, there are a number of specific reasons that regular operational audits from an outside firm can benefit your park. First, your park will be in a better position to ensure compliance to operating policies. An external audit can help identify areas where your park’s practices and policies are no longer being implemented or consistently followed. Second, your park’s credibility and overall marketing strategy will carry more weight if your operation can say it is regularly audited by an outside company for safety, efficiency, and guest service. Third, outside audits will call attention to non-implementation of policies. This impartial review could help keep your business from risking an accident. Fourth, your park could experience an enhanced level of guest service. In our industry, a lack of positive guest service can eventually lead to negative results. We thrive on the ability to create memorable experiences for our guests, and this is achieved when employees on the “front lines” interact daily with our guests and do so positively. As a leader, you need to know how friendly your employees are with your guests, how approachable they are, how helpful they are, and whether or not they do everything possible to create a memorable guest experience as they fulfill their basic job duties. Fifth, your park can become more efficient. How well your operators group, service, and assist guests can have a huge impact on your overall efficiency. If your facility is inefficient, not only will your guest service suffer, but also your revenues can be negatively impacted. Finally, an outside audit can not only help make sure that your programs, policies, and procedures are properly in place and being followed by all staff, but they can also provide you with recommendations for improvements. This will lead to a more positive and successful operation.

So, when you are considering an outside audit, be sure to find an experienced company. Also, be sure that the audits performed in your park can be customized to best serve your facility, meet your internal needs, and help achieve your long-term objectives. There are many other factors to consider when choosing an outside company and preparing for an operational audit. As we are very familiar with preparing for and performing operational audits, please feel free to contact us with any specific questions on what you should look for and what to expect. Maybe how to prepare for an external audit can be the topic of a future article for this column! In the meantime, as you move into a new year, give some serious thought to planning your budgeting needs to include the all-important outside operational audit from a reputable company. It will be money well spent for your peace of mind.

Pam Westerman
With this editorial, the editor or editor-in-chief of the magazine Kirmes & Park Revue English Edition - epaper initiates the current issue 2/2018. Here you can find out which articles are especially readable or where the suggestions came from. …
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