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Perfect Timing and Resounding Success Thanks to Logistics and Media Magazines

A logistics magazine is designed to critically and objectively keep managers, transport companies and freight forwarders up to date in traffic and transportation policies, transport management and the newest market trends. On the other hand, a media magazine is oriented towards marketing strategists and journalists and, amongst other things, informs them about occurrences in and people from the media-world, and provides anal-yses of media and professional policy developments.

Shop just the way you’d like: You can actually purchase your trade magazine in a logistical manner. Save time and money on a longterm basis, by ordering an entire magazine package with an economical subscription. You most certainly may order an individual media or logistics magazine, one page or a special article.

Read just the way you’d like: Thanks to our ecological epapers, you always have access to your logistics or media magazine in the App. Otherwise; you can either download your digital issue as a PDF-file or read it directly on the web. Are you one of those people who prefer classic magazines, then your choice will certainly be the printed version.

The Right Goods at the Right Time at the Right Place

To optimally accommodate or even exceed customer expectations, practically every industry puts their continuous and sustainable improvement of customer service in the foreground. Directly connected to this are perfect logistics by land, sea and in the air. Your specialized logistics magazine sets their sights on profoundly and precisely informing you about transport management, management and inhouse as well as industrywide during planning and supervision of production. Here’s where you’ll find all relevant reports and news about transportation, whether they’re legal amendments or innovative trends.

Thanks to interesting and practical background reports, articles about operation manage-ment and current market data, a logistics magazine will not only significantly simplify your daily workload; it will contribute to performance increases.

For Enthusiastic Advertising and Independent Reporting

When the logistics are right, in the end, success is dependent on a well-thought out and allencompassing publicity. This is where the media magazine becomes your personal consultant. As a PR-manager or agency head, gets substantiated information about current advertising trends - starting with TV over print media right up to digital marketing including native advertising. Strategies are introduced, analyzed and critically highlighted. Besides comprehensive coverage about media fairs, the newest forecasts and flows, your media magazine will keep you in the loop, for example, about news in the prepress area.

A media magazine is also the infomedia for journalists. This is where readers are not only informed about current media trends and research tools, but instead can find out about persons and projects of the industry. In addition, the journalistic practice is enriched through numerous tips and factual information covering the topic of public relations. With the analysis of presentation forms, an industryrelated job market and opportunities for advanced professional training, the multifacetted spectrum of numerous media magazines are crowned.

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