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Instruct and Teach Better with Your Magazine for Education

A magazine for education is oriented to people who, in their profession, have something to do with the instruction and education of children and adolescents. Besides magazines that cover pedagogy in general, magazines also exist that are specialized on certain fields and pedagogic requirements.

Shop just the way you’d like: You can initially purchase your magazine for education as a single issue. The purchase of a single page is the right option for you, if you don’t care to read the entire trade magazine, but instead are only interested in a certain article or a special report. If you, as a dedicated educator, coach or preschool teacher, don’t want to miss out on the next issue, we recommend subscribing to your trade magazine. Even as a student teacher, you don’t have to do without: With a student subscription, you’ll always have the current issue of your magazine for education, without breaking the bank.

Read just the way you’d like: The digital issue of your magazine for education is available as a PDF-download, on the web or in the App. That means, you’ll always have your magazine for education on your tablet or smartphone and can easily read on the train or in the bus on the way to work. Are you more a traditional reader? Then your best option is the printed issue of your trade magazine.

Education for Everyone

Educational expertise plays a main role in many professional fields and is in demand, not only by educators and preschool teachers. University professors, trainers and people working with young people in social institutions must also be fit in the field of education. However, a magazine for education is not only oriented to persons who have a professional connection to young people, but instead would also like to address those private persons, such as young parents.

Your magazine for education lets you in on everything you need to know, to be able to convey upbringing and education to young people. They explain to you how you can make your class and reading out loud even more interesting, and shows you how to unite the sensitivity and selfassertion of those children entrusted to you. Your magazine for education also includes specific impulses for designing your work, for example, game instructions and ideas for group activities.

Special Trade Magazines for Special Requirements

A few magazines for education are specialized to certain professional fields and address, for example, gym teachers, biology professors or people who work with small children. These magazines highlight the specialties of the respective professional field and show what is especially noteworthy in this educational work.

In addition, there are trade magazines dedicated to the work with children and adolescents who suffer physical impairments or a mental illness or are challenged in other manners. Your magazine for education renders helpful advice as to how to best deal with these children and how to successfully integrate them into a group.

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