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Exactly Informed Within Your Area of Expertise with Special Literature For Every Topic

This is where you’ll find magazines for very special hobbies, professional groups and other trade magazines covering the most diverse topics. For many areas of expertise, hobbies and interest groups, which in classic bookstores or newspaper stands - if even so - languish in a rather niche position; there are newspapers and magazines by experts for experts and those wishing to become one. And should a magazine exist for your hobby or profession, you’ll find it here!

Shop just the way you’d like: Take the time and leaf thru the magazine here, before you make a purchase decision. Easily subscribe to the magazine or select the pages or articles that interest you; these can all be ordered at your discretion.

Read just the way you’d like: Do you prefer to read your trade magazine in print, hot from the press into your mailbox or as an epaper on your smartphone, tablet or PC? You’ll discover both options for many “Other Trade Magazines” offers.

Local Gazettes, Ecclesiastic Publishers and Other Trade Magazines

For decades, information procurement for weakly represented interest groups was an ordeal. Only since the Internet, does it make a global exchange of information between people possible. Ever since the beginning of worldwide networking, these people are finding and organizing themselves even better and faster. This is also an advantage for print media: Trade journals for special hobbies, advice magazines for rare problems and other trade magazines with smaller target groups can be found more easily and are reaching a growing audience.

Here’s where we offer local hometown newspapers, in which their focus is not completely on conveying news, but instead lays on the care of heritage and customs and the region’s representation. Many institutional, ecclesiastic and other trade magazines, which make information available about institutions and their resolutions, can be found in this category.

Fascinating Hobby Magazines and Other Trade Magazines Covering Lifestyle, Science and Much More

However, not everything found under “Other Trade Magazines” doesn’t inevitably have a small readership and vice versa. Many specific lifestyle, hobby or other trade magazines in this category are exactly that: Lifestyle magazines, hobby magazines, sports magazines or even management and political magazines.

Here, you’ll also find special literature magazines for individual genres such as fantasy or horror, magazines with the newest military technology developments or certain manual procedures or raw materials as well as other trade magazines for, e.g., tinnitus research or molecular ecology.

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