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What’s up in the Kiosk? What are news and people magazines writing about? Which trends are hobby and fashion magazines using to inspire their readers? This is where you’ll find the current headlines from over 1000 magazines und newspapers, which you can buy as epapers directly on; then immediately start reading. To learn more, just click on a headline that interests you.

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At, we believe in absolute freedom of reading and we strive to make this possible for our readers every day. Freedom of reading means reading whatever your heart desires, without any restrictions as to where, when and how something is read. That’s why we present the Kiosk’s current headlines here, for your convenience. In the News section, we fall back on over 1000 different magazines, newspapers and trade magazines - all hot from the press. At a glance, you’re able to compare different perspectives and build your own opinion from the collected headlines. Should you still require more information on a certain topic, all you have to do is to click on the headline. This will re-direct you to the respective epaper that you can immediately purchase and read.

Every morning, from Monday to Friday, our team compiles all of the headlines from over 1000 epapers that has to offer. Every single day, we work on expanding the selection of digital magazines and newspapers, so that you’ll always find headlines of interest to you.

If you’re interested in certain topic, feel free to browse our subject kiosks, where you’ll find even more magazines that you not only can read as an epaper, but also as a printed issue or as a subscription. Also check out our international press from all over the world and trade magazines from almost any field.

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