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For True Pros: Audio Magazines, Photography Periodicals & Film and Photo Magazines

Your photo, movie or audio magazines and photography periodicals turn you into a true pro within the multimedia area. These magazines not only show you how to make first class movies, pics and music, they keep you up to date on current trends within the music, photo and movie industries.

Shop just the way you’d like: You’re a true multimedia professional and you want to receive immediate information about the newest recording devices and processing programs? In that case, a subscription to your favorite photography, movie or audio magazine would be of particular interest to you. And single issues of your magazine are most certainly available. Should you be interested in only a certain article, you even have the option of purchasing just one page or an individual topic. You just can’t get enough of your multi-media hobby? Then take advantage of a magazine flatrate.

Read just the way you’d like: Your movie, photo or audio magazine is available to you as a particularly comfortable reading pleasure; as an epaper in PDF-format or read it directly in the App or on the web. When reading, you prefer classic print? No problem with the printed issue of your favorite magazine!

Make Music with your Audio Magazine

Many messages are only correctly conveyed when underscored with music. Your audio magazine gives you tips about which surroundings can be created with a breathtaking sound experience, and with which equipment you can best record your music.

In addition, learn everything about audio processing and get information found in comprehensive test reports as to which software to use when processing your audio formats to completely enthuse your listeners.

The Perfect Photo with your Photography Periodical

The effort invested in a great photo is, at first glance, often underestimated. Your photography magazine accompanies you from shooting the picture over image processing right up to completing the photograph.

In your magazine, you’ll find out which camera is suitable for your project and with which image processing program you can create the most impressing effects. Your photo magazine also develops your view for great motives and shows you those factors you should take into consideration when taking pictures of landscapes, animals and people.

Make Movies with your Movie Magazine

Successful movie making begins with the right selection of equipment. Your movie magazine gives you an overview of the most current offers on the market and advises you in regard to your next purchase of a video camera or microphone.

Whoever’s planning on making captivating movies needs more than just suitable equipment. Your magazine teaches you how to handle your processing software and how to cut and underscore with the proper music.

Everything about Current Music, Movies and Photography

As a fan of photography, movies and music, of course you’re naturally interested in the works of other artists. Therefore, your audio, photography and movie magazines also include details covering popular songs, cinema movies and present impressing images by famous photographers.

In addition, your magazine lets you know which devices and systems are best suited to play back your favorite music and movies. It doesn’t matter whether it’s about loudspeakers, headphones, blu-ray players or flat screens: With your magazines, you can enjoy your music and movies to their fullest extent.

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