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Always Up to Date: Computer, Smartphone and Tablet Magazines

Computer, tablet and Smartphone magazines give their readers tips and tricks that cover the handling of PCs, notebooks, tablets, smartphones and various game consoles. In addition, they also report about the newest innovations and include helpful test results, which readers can rely upon when making purchases.

Shop just the way you’d like: You’re a technology rookie and you’d like to get an initial read on the topic? Then buying just a single issue could be a good option for you. You’re already a technology junkie and you’d like to be the first to get news from within the world of smartphones, tablets and computers. That’ll work - with a subscription of your computer magazine, your tablet magazine or your smartphone magazine; it’s even simple and fussfree. If you’re a student or vocational trainee, you can also take advantage of a studentsubscription and save a few Euros here and there. The technologytopic per se does not actually interest you, but you’d like to buy a new smartphone and you’re interested in a test report that can be found in one of the magazines? Simply buy a single page and just read what you’re really interested in.

Read just the way you’d like: Are you an absolute technology fan and you’d rather not miss out on a digital reading experience? The digital issue of your computer-, smartphone- or tablet-magazine offers you excellent reading comfort in the App, on the web or in the downloadable PDF-version. Or you’d like to take a break form the omnipresent digitalization; at least when reading? No problem with the printed issue of your favorite magazine!

Everything about Computers and Tablets

Computer magazines and tablet magazines report about the newest available devices, they test the hottest computer games and reveal which new image processing programs are most suitable for you. This will keep you up to date and enable you to easily converse about the newest technological innovations.

In this case, the magazines aren’t only for geeks, but also for rookies who yet have little experience with computers and tablets.

Performance and Security

Whether at work, during play or when surfing - computers and tablets are most fun when the devices are fast and powerful. Your computer magazine and your tablet magazine will let you in on how you can bring out the best of your computer or tablet.

The subject of security is also a major topic found in the magazines. They’ll keep you informed about current virus dangers and will let you know how you can best protect your personal privacy during online banking and in your e-Mail correspondence.

Everything about Smartphones

Smartphones are our constant companions that we can’t imagine being without in our private and professional lives. Whereas, the development in this area is moving so rapidly that you get the feeling that there’s no catching up. Your smartphone magazine keeps everything at a glance and comprises summaries of current developments, whereas it tries and tests the newest cell phone information in comprehensive tests.

In addition, your smartphone magazine gives you tips about how to fine tune your cell phone, and reveals which Apps and games are really worth pressing that download button for.

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