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Discover the most wonderful women’s magazines

Magazines for women of any age: Celebrity-news & lifestyle, fashion & beauty, living & cooking, partnership & love. No matter which subject you’re interested in, here is where you’ll certainly find the women’s magazine that’s just right for you.

Shop just the way you’d like: Leaf through hundreds of different issues, browse through the archive of women’s magazines and only buy those pages or articles that are truly of interest to you. Or maybe just order the entire magazine? Of course you’ll find many German as well as international women’s magazines as subscriptions. Are you a smart spender? In that case, we recommend a flat rate - this bundles a few magazines at a special price.

Read just the way you’d like: Are you a reader that loves it classic; the smell of paper and how the pages feel? If you are, we recommend the printed issue of your favorite magazine. Or would you rather give your wallet a break and protect the environment? Then take advantage of our digital issues and read your epaper as a PDF, on the web or in the App.

Always a good conversation partner

Many women’s magazines deal with all kinds of topics covering fashion and beauty: Here’s where you’ll find, for example, the newest fashion collection and styling tips. In addition, many editors do take a critical look at the attire of the stars and starlets - this of course topped of with a bit of gossip.

Some women’s magazines are mainly dedicated to “gossip and sensationalism“: These mostly weekly magazines report about aristocratic families, stars from all over the globe as well as smaller, only regionally known stars.

New Ideas and Practical Advice

The topic of love and family is often a major thing in women’s magazines: Ideas for more fun with your partner and advice for a happy family are often important components.

Some women’s magazines have specialized in the subjects of health and sports, as well as in many other magazines, there are always new tips to be found as to how one can better train, eat healthier and lose a couple of pounds. That’s why recipes are often an integral part of many women’s magazines.

A lot of women’s magazines dedicate at least a couple of pages to decorating house and garden: You can discover creative decorative ideas to do yourself or buy, wonderful inspi-rational interior decorating ideas and guidebooks for plants in and around your home.

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