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Teen Magazines and Childrens’ Magazines for Fun, Entertainment and Knowledge

The versatile contents of children’s magazines and teen magazines offer more than just fun and entertainment; they also convey interesting content and tell fascinating stories. Comics, with their funny pictures and texts, amuse not only young readers.

Shop just the way you’d like: Is your child interested in a certain magazine issue? Then buying a single issue could be a good option. If your kid has selected his or her favorite childrens’ or teen magazine, or if the newest issue of a comic is preferred, a subscription is exactly right for you. When buying single magazine pages or certain topics, you also have the option of specifically picking out a part of a magazine or comic that your child is interested in.

Read just the way you’d like: Many children and adolescents are true geeks and often prefer digital over printed format. If your child belongs to this group, we recommend that you select the children's and/or teen magazines as a digital issue in PDF-format, on the web or in the practical App. On the other hand, if your kid loves to leaf through the magazine’s individual pages or read comics printed on paper; the printed issues are the better alternative.

Conveyers of Fun & Knowledge and a Helpful Companion

Many children's magazines include tricky puzzles and captivating texts about animals, nature and other factual issues and thus, are especially interesting for curious and inquisitive kids. However, the entertainment factor isn’t neglected in children's magazines: Funny illustrated stories and jokes make one laugh, whereas unusual game ideas and handicraft instructions encourage creativity.

Youth is an exciting time that confronts adolescents with a lot of changes. During this time, teen magazines are reliable companions, which give useful tips about love and friendship and with it, orientation in one of the most exciting stages of life. Magazines for teens include information about the newest charts, give interviews, coverage and insight into the life of the scene’s most popular shooting stars as well as present the newest fashion and make-up trends.

Great Fun – Not Only for Young Readers!

There’s barely any other medium that unites language and pictures as well and as entertaining as a comic strip. Comics tell stories in a most special way, and let their readers dive into their own world.

This can often lead to a smile, but getting the creeps and sharing the thrill as well. Each new issue sends the comic’s heroes and heroines off to a new adventure, and it invites its readers to come along for the ride. Not only young readers are welcome, but everyone else who wants to be entertained and who is concerned about the heroes and heroines.

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