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Discover Creative DIY Magazines & Current Fashion Magazines

Do you love new fashion? Do you prefer to tailor clothing yourself? Would you rather do paper and glue crafts? Or are you the new Picasso? Regardless of whether it’s about try-ing out finished fashion or tailoring it yourself, about crafting with all kinds of materials or about painting and drawing; you’re at the right place!

Shop just the way you’d like: Hundreds of current issues, old archive issues or long-sold out special editions are waiting to be browsed through. Buy single pages or articles or order the exact issue that you’ve been searching for forever. Are you an enthusiastic fash-ionista or time and again on the look-out for new creative ideas? If so, we recommend a subscription or even a flat rate that bundles several fashion magazines or DIY magazines.

Read just the way you’d like: The printed issue of a magazine is something special: the smell of printer’s ink, leafing through paper and not to be forgotten - particularly in DIY and fashion magazines - those little extras and gifts that are included. Or are you on the go a lot? Then get those knitting instructions and catwalk trends on your smartphone or tablet: the digital issue (epaper) can be read as a PDF, on the web or via the App.

Fashion Magazines - Fitting your Wardrobe Closet

What do you find most important about fashion? Should it be economical, fair manufacture, glamorous, practical, made from organic products, sporty, from big brands, always trendy or especially individual? Or do you have completely different sense of fashion? This is where you’ll certainly find the right magazine to fit your taste.

By the way, many fashion magazines are especially made for men or women. However, there are a few that are dedicated to both genders as well as for kids’ fashion as well. An important integral element of a fashion magazine is the advice given for cosmetics and beauty.

DIY Magazines with Many Colorful Pages

Are you into knitting, gluing crafting, crocheting, cutting, drawing, sewing, folding, needle-pointing or painting? Do you like to decorate your house, garden, patio, clothing, furniture, balcony, and apartment and flower boxes? No matter whether you’re a pro or amateur, here you’ll find new inspiring ideas in hundreds of German and international DIY magazines.

Magazines with detailed step-by-step instructions help beginners start up in the colorful world of DIY! Should you need even more information covering the “what materials do I want to work with” or just what you want to do, we recommend one of the specialized DIY magazines. You’ll also find creative ideas for special occasions like Easter, carnival, Christmas or Halloween.

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