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Mit diesem Editorial leitet der/die Herausgeber/in oder die Chefredaktion der Zeitschrift Kirmes & Park Revue English Edition - epaper die aktuelle Ausgabe 2/2019 ein. Hier erfahren Sie, welche Artikel besonders lesenswert sind oder woher die Anregungen dazu kamen.


Throughout my career in the theme park industry, I have gotten hund - reds of questions relating to safety and our practices and proce - dures in theme parks and other attractions in our industry. I have religiously explained that a theme park is one of the safest places on the planet to visit. I have explained that this is due to our intense inspection systems that are in place internally as well as external systems.We employ the most rigorous safety guidelines in existence, such as ASTM and TUV. Our industry receives the same scrutinizing that the global air lines receive when there is an accident. We are scrutinized at the same high levels as an airline mishap. Why? Because guests come to our facil ities to have fun, enjoy, and escape from their daily routines. No one coming to a leisure attraction expects to be in an accident. When there is an incident, the media intensely and relentlessly covers the situation. When reviewing the USA consumer product safety commission’s list of problematic issues, it is noted that amusement parks and theme parks fall at the very low end of their index. They reported more people are hurt annually barbequing, boating, gardening, playing billiards, walking to the bathroom, watching tele - vision, going to the refrigerator, etc.

The list goes on and on. Attractions are actually and numerically a safe place to visit, more so than doing the things listed above. Over 360 million people visited leisure attractions in the USA during 2018. If you calculate that the average guest took in five experiences, that conserv - ative guestimate calculates to over 1.8 billion experiences given annually! Fatalities and small inci - dents were at a relatively small level when considering the number of rides taken by guests world wide. However, I should say that one fatality and even one small incident requiring overnight hospitalization is one too many. This scrutinization leads me to how we as an industry should continue to change and improve our safety practices within our attractions operations in the future. For years, I have stated that there are basic - ally three types of incidents that cause accidents.

These are design and engi - neering issues, operations and maintenance issues, and lack of rider respons - ibility issues. We have seen technology advance more in the last fifteen years, than in the past 85 years. Technology is allowing rides and all types of attractions to perform and provide experiences that we could not dream of before in our in - dustry. As the technology continues to advance in our attraction development, so too should our approach to educating and informing our guests about the type of attraction they are encountering. How do we do this? Typically, this is communicated through signage posted at the ride entrance prior to boarding. Sometimes a sign will list the types of health risks that should be taken into consideration before riding. Sometimes, but not always, the information may be delivered in dual languages.

It’s my opinion as we advance the experience, and advance technology, in the future we have to advance the manner risks to certain rider’s conditions are communicated. Where and how can this be accomplished? In the queue line. All attractions have queues and typically all rides and attractions have time to convey important information relating to the safety of the attraction. Signage is a good way to present information, it has served us well. However, in the future we need to find additional ways to inform our guests. Announcements in the queue lines, both audio and video, may be the best way to communicate. We know that the airline industry has utilized safety videos for decades. These videos deliver concise, clear messages to all onboard. Theirs is a process of universal delivery, with each passenger definitely receiving the same message. Can this be accomplished in our industry? Well, just as the technology continues to evolve on the rides and attractions, so too can the delivery of safety information. Multi-language or subtitled information where necessary can be achieved. Visual reference can be provided through videos. We are smart enough and talented enough in the leisure industry to find ways to elevate our safety messaging and to keep up with the technology driving the various guest experiences. If we do this in entertaining, informative ways, we all benefit - the parks, the guests, and safety records . Remember safety first and foremost, and in the future always continuing to improve.

Dennis Speigel
Mit diesem Editorial leitet der/die Herausgeber/in oder die Chefredaktion der Zeitschrift Kirmes & Park Revue English Edition - epaper die aktuelle Ausgabe 2/2019 ein. Hier erfahren Sie, welche Artikel besonders lesenswert sind oder woher die Anregungen dazu kamen. …
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