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Steckbrief von Distributed Computing

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Kategorie: Wissenschaftsmagazine

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The international journal Distributed Computing provides a forum for original and significant contributions to the theory, design, specification and implementation of distributed systems.Topics covered by the journal include but are not limited to: - * design and analysis of distributed algorithms; - * multiprocessor and multi-core architectures and algorithms; - * synchronization protocols and concurrent programming; - * distributed operating systems and middleware; - * fault-tolerance, reliability and availability; - * architectures and protocols for communication networks and peer-to-peer systems; - * security in distributed computing, cryptographic protocols; - * mobile, sensor, and ad hoc networks; - * internet applications; - * concurrency theory; - * specification, semantics, verification, and testing of distributed systems. - In general, only original papers will be considered. By virtue of submitting a manuscript to the journal, the aut

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