The Best Family Magazines & Many Pet Magazines to Give Away

Presents for family managers and animal lovers.

A subscription to a family magazine is the perfect present, especially for young mothers and fathers. With the help of teen magazines and their advice columns, even “experienced” parents can figure out new ideas for dealing with their occasionally rebellious sons and daughters. Pet magazines for nearly any kind of pet are available. In addition to a gift subscription for pet owners, a couple of treats will definitely make you the pet’s new friend!
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A family magazine is a present for the entire family

A family magazine gift subscription is an often given present to young parents; but also for experienced moms and dads and even grandparents. You’ll regularly find tips and helpful explanations for the diverse developmental stages your kids are going through: Family magazines accompany mothers and fathers during pregnancy, over the infant’s birth and life with the baby right up to Kindergarten and going to school. Family magazines in gift subscriptions always newly inspire innovative games for the entire family or other recreational activities.
Besides advice on upbringing, parents will also find information concerning health and nutrition, recipes for cooking together or wonderful crafting ideas. Ernest topics such as child benefits or how to manage the family’s finances in a budget book are also addressed and explained in the gift subscription.

Pet magazines as presents improve life together

If your friends, family or acquaintances have house pets, they’ll certainly appreciate a gift subscription for pet magazine that fits to their own animalistic companion. The most common pets in Germany are cats and dogs, that’s why so many magazines are available for these types of pets. However, owners of mice, guinea pigs, rabbits or other rodents or aquaristic fans, reptile owners and friends that have birds in their belfry, would appreciate a pet magazine as a gift subscription.
Our Tip: Should you like to impress not only the pet owners, but the pet itself, bring a few treats along - eating and magazines are the basis for friendships!

You still haven’t found the right gift?

We’re you unable to discover your loved ones pet or doesn’t our selection on family magazines fit to your friends or your family? Then expand your magazine search and discover all of our family magazines and pet magazines here.
If you’d like to save your friend, wife or acquaintance the “What’s for dinner?” question, simply give them a cooking or baking magazine. And home and garden magazines ensure an even greater feeling of well-being within the family. By the way: We also have selected gift subscriptions especially for mommies, grandmas and other female family members or for the kids.
If you have not yet decided and need a bit more inspiration, then check out the overview of all gift ideas here.