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Aquapark Istralandia

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Text: Frank Lanfer

Photos: Aquapark Istralandia

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Croatia’s first waterpark opened in 2014, and is located close to the city of Novigrad on the Istrian peninsula in the Adriatic region. From the very beginning, the park operated by the Kovačić family, was a success with 180,000 visitors annually. And almost each year Istralandia expanded its water slide portfolio.

However, a competitor also in the holiday region is only 30 km away: The ...

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... water park Aquacolors in Poreč, which was opened in 2015, is only slightly larger, but can be called the “Largest Waterpark in Croatia”. Istralandia however presents many novelties year to year to its guests. So adding all slides, there is a total slide length of 1.6 km now. This season, too, there are many new opportunities to discover on the 81,000 m² site. First and foremost is the new “Space Combo” slide from Polin Waterparks, which combines multiple slide experiences in the one ride with space theme. Combo slides have been very popular for several years now, and are offered by almost all manufacturers. However, the connection of three different elements in only one slide is still a very rare experience.

In the case of the new “Space Combo” slide, from the 18 m high starting point an “Uphill Navigatour”, a rollercoaster-like sequence launches the adren - aline-charged adventure. This is followed by an 8 m wide and 6 m high “Space Shuttle” element. A subsequent second “Uphill Navigatour” shoots the rafts up again and into a covered “Space Boat” element (a bowl), before reaching the exit after another tube slide sequence. All elements are interconnected by mostly closed tube sequences, expect the two uphill experiences. This slide will give riders a dynamic and excitingly disorienting space adventure, with visual thematic effects.

A total of approximately 180 m long slide pathway is slipped down, covered before the 2-person rafts arrive in the 20 m lower spout.

In addition to this new and so far longest waterslide at Istralandia, the season 2019 has more novelties on hand. The new “Kids Spray Arena” is a colourful children’s kingdom with interactive water sprayer and a playground on which the children are able to challenge other children and parents to fun and enter taining competitions, on a total surface area of 350 m². For all those who are looking for a bigger challenge: The “Kids Jumping Pool” spread on a 150 m² area with up to 3 metres of depth with three jumping levels of 0,5 m, 1 m, and 1.5 m.

The also new “Family Pool” is located in the vicinity of the “Kids Spray Arena” and “Kids Jumping Pool” and gives parents the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere at the pool with hydro massage tubs, while at the same time supervising their children’s play. Due to its amazing seen-trough glass design, this pool is also an unavoidable photo point for an unusual photo of remembrance.