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COASTER: Untamed

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New at Walibi Holland: “Untamed Love, Peace and Roller Coasters”

With the rebuilding of the Wooden Coaster “Robin Hood” to “Untamed”, Walibi Holland has made a brave decision, as this is the first conversion of an already existing Wooden Coaster to a Hybrid Coaster in Europe!

Text: Olaf Esser

Photos: Olaf Esser Walibi Holland

Steeply downhill on the converted coaster

Responsible for the reconstruction here is once again manufacturer Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC) from the USA, which with its “IBox” track system, has converted a number of attractions worldwide successfully. As is well known, not only the ...

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... track bed is replaced with steel tracks, but also the complete layout. In a lot of cases even more steeper drops and imaginative inversions are also added, which result in a completely new ride experience with nothing to remind one of the original attraction, although a great effort is made to retain the most possible large sections of the available wooden structure – of which not much has been left over in the case of “Robin Hood”. Only the “U”-formed basic layout has been kept – a large cost factor in the case of coasters – so there was hardly any need for the new establishment of individual foundations.

As is already confirmed, the underlying layout is perfect. The new track course fits perfectly in the wooden substructure. The new Hybrid Coaster rides brilliantly and is a lot of fun. Speed is quasi continuous from beginning to the end, so passengers can take a breather later. The inversion elements are variedly arranged and perfectly inte - grated. On the way to the lift, the train already travels through a 45° outward angled curve.

This is followed directly by the 80° steep drop, with the train travelling directly over a small airtime hill, the “Micro Bunny”. Coming after are the first of the two inversions of the world’s unique element, the “Double Inverting 270 Degree Corner Stall” – here passengers are turned upside-down 270° to the side, and then directly again 270° upside-down back again. After this intoxicating figure come a few airtime hills, whereby these in part are travelled though in a considerably inclined posi - tion. During the third inversion, the “Step-Up under Flip”, the ride guests hang once again in the restraints and travel through a type of flying somersault, which is followed by a really narrow curve, that leads to the way back, so to say. After this follows the “140 Degree Stall” whereby passengers are (almost) stood on their heads 140° on their own axis. After further airtime hills, a total of 14, that are travelled through at a high speed, comes the fourth inversion shortly before the end, the “Uphill Barrel Roll” with a complete turn on its axis and afford ing significant hang time.

The decoration is also lovingly subtle, for example the illuminated Retro- “LOVE” lettering hidden in the waiting area and on the lift hill. Parts of the old “Robin Hood” trains have also been placed in the waiting area and are a great decoration with grow - ing plants. Parts of the old wooden tracks have been rammed into the ground and now tower towards the sky. The spacious waiting area winds past the tracks as earlier. This great flair is rounded off by chilly sounding background music.

The old station has been rebuilt and now shines in new splendour – it looks like a romantic old wooden house with many colourful windows. In - side plants and various lamps trail down from the mirrored ceiling. A great soundtrack is played in the station and a waterfall that runs outside, makes it all idyllic. Two newly designed snack booths fit in well on the area in front of “Untamed”, which also are in the same “wilderness” style as the station building.

The reconstruction could only take place nearly solely during the winter break. The classic Wooden Coaster “Robin Hood” had remained in operation until the 28th October 2018, and despite this, “Untamed” could be opened on the 1st July 2019! A terrific advantage was the already avail - able base and fundaments. In addition to Rocky Mountain Construction, the Dutch firm Damstra Techniek BV was also involved with the construction of the coaster. The firm has already been work - ing for Walibi Holland in planning and construction quite a number of times, for example in 2000 on “Robin Hood”. Vekoma Rides remains the Euro - pean representative of RMC.

Even though “Robin Hood” was a pleasantly rideable Wooden Coaster, a certain excitement was missing.


■ Opening: 1st July 2019

■ Track length: 1,085 m

■ Track height: 36.5 m

■ Speed: 92 km/h

■ First Drop: 80°

■ 4 Inversions

■ Acceleration: 3,75 g

■ Ride time: 1 min 46 sec

■ 2 trains each with 6 cars

■er car 4 pers.

■ Capacity: 900 Pers./h

■ Manufacturer: Rocky Mountain

■ Construction: Hayden (ID)

■ Operator: Walibi Holland Biddinghuizen, Netherlands

After all, in the past years a number of really attractive Wooden Coasters have emerged in Euro pean neighbourhood countries, so the time had come for an update. With “Untamed”, one of the best Hybrid Coasters now stands in Walibi Holland, and it definitely has no need to hide from competitors, in fact exactly the opposite. “Un - tamed” has set new standards in Euro

Park Manageress Mascha van Till-Taminiau is an action woman and ready for any fun to be had, and is willing to take a ride on the new coaster anytime


AHybrid Coaster from RMC consists of an (already available) wooden substructure and new tracks of steel. And because it’s all about the tracks in particular, such a Hybrid Coaster can also be seen as a steel coaster as well. By the way there are also Hybrid Coasters with wooden tracks on steel constructions (e.g.from Great Coasters or The Gravity Group), which in turn can be counted as a Wooden Coaster. And so this is the way we will be also handling it for the European Star Awards.