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Ford v Ferrari (titledLe Mans ‘66 in the UK). Racing biopic starring Matt Damon, Christian Bale, Jon Bernthal, Caitriona Balfe and Ray McKinnon.

Release date: 15 November (United States).


Just the first few seconds of the trailer will make your pulse jump to 180 in anticipation. Especially as the first sequences ofFord v Ferrari (titledLe Mans ‘66 in the UK) look more than promising. The film is based on A. J. Baime’s motorsport biographyGo Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari and their Battle for Speed and ...

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... , which pretty much tells it all already. A team of engineers around Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles are charged with pushing perennial winner Ferrari off the throne at the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans. Hollywood pays tribute to the scope of this true motorsport fairy tale with a top cast: Matt Damon as Shelby, Christian Bale as Miles, and Jon Bernthal as Lee Iacocca, who in 1964 rose to become general manager of the Ford Division and from 1970 to 1978 was president of the Ford Motor Company. Lots of metal, sweat and gas, roaring V8 sounds and “Gimme Shelter” from the Stones. By the way, be sure to read more about the movie in the next issue of !

Merrick Morton TM and © 2019 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.



BRUMMM #4 is fresh off the presses. The combination of photo book and magazine is a pretty impressive homage to motorcycles, art and somehow toEasy Rider . This time, among other things, with wonderfully designed photo reports by Stanley Robertson, Heidi Zumbrun, Dennis Boussard and Sven Wedemyer. Photographs include the Santa Barbara Drag Races, the Goodwood Revival and the Spreewaldring as part of the Built Not Bought Festival. The first three issues are real eye-catchers too. Check ‘em out.

Hermann Köpf and Christian Eusterhus:BRUMMM #4 Motorious Chronicles. Gestalten. 19.90 euros.


“I thought we might burn down the whole fucking world together, my will and I,” thinks Claire DeWitt on page 80 ofThe Infinite Blacktop , the third adventure of the self-proclaimed “world’s greatest detective” with her unconventional detecting methods. This time she just barely escapes an attack on her life, giving the reader insights into her past.

Sara Gran:The Infinite Blacktop . Atria Books. 15.34 euros.

When Porsche does something, there is a high probability it will result in a nearly 600-page illustrated book a few decades later. In 1974, the German automaker installed a turbocharger in a 911 after the technology had previously worked well in the 917/10 and 917/30 race cars. We can read about the whole endeavor inTurbo 3.0 by Ryan Snodgrass, who also gave the book Carrera 2.7.

Ryan Snodgrass:Turbo 3.0: Porsche’s First Turbocharged Supercar . Parabolica Press. 399 euros.

Motorcycles and art – two things that fit well together. In the illustrated bookWheels , Bern-born artist Olivier Mosset talks about his abstract works and modified bikes. We learn that Mosset, inspired by Easy Rider, founded Europe’s first – at that time Marxist – motorcycle club in Paris in the sixties. Later he moved to New York, today he lives with his wife in Arizona and enjoys the freedom on his 1945 Harley with suicide clutch.

Olivier Mosset:Wheels. Edition Frey. 60 euros

UntilFord v Ferrari (titledLe Mans ‘66 in the UK) hits the cinemas, you can read the book on which the film is based. On 321 pages, A. J. Baime tells the story of Carroll Shelby, his team, Henry Ford II, a car, an opponent and the dream of winning at Le Mans. Almost poetically written and informative to boot. Also available as an audiobook.

A. J. Baime:Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari and their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans . Bantam. 11.79 euros.


For almost twenty years, the Autobuch Preis has honored the best works on the subject of cars and mobility – in “appreciation of exceptionally successful books that deserve to be shown to a larger audience”, as author Jürgen Lewandowski writes. Together with the eight-member jury, he again chose three winners in different categories this year – from a selection of eighty to a hundred new releases, with tens of thousands of printed publications worldwide every year. Here are the three best books from the category Motorsport including the jury’s critique.

“The winning car at the 1970 Le Mans bore the chassis number 917-023. British motorsports writer Ian Wagstaff researched this vehicle so intensely that the result is not only an exciting book about Porsche’s journey towards its first, long-awaited Le Mans victory but also a fascinating history of this special car, which remained in competition until January 1971. The limited edition of only one thousand books ensures that the work will be highly valued one day.”

Ian Wagstaff:Porsche 917: The Autobiography of 917-023. Porter Press.

“We have become accustomed to seeing racing cars in their entirety. The fascinating engines that power the vehicles can no longer be seen; they contribute their part only in secret. German publishing house Franzis had the idea of showing the race cars and their engines next to each other to explain both parts of the package. The result are seventy-five examples of how aesthetics, ingenuity and mechanical perfection can unite over decades.”

Michael Behrndt:Engine Classics: Racing Cars. Franzis.

“Here we have a work that succeeds in transporting many fascinating aspects of the new racing series in an independent and self-assured manner. Positively conspicuous is that the creators have avoided any attempt to pander to those motorsport fans who associate the sound in this race series with the whirring of a child’s Carrera racetrack.”

Edwin Baaske (Ed.):Formula E: The Story . Delius Klasing.


© Sony Music 2019


Twenty Grammys, more than sixty million albums sold, countless biographies – Bruce Springsteen could easily retire if he wanted to. Fortunately, “The Boss” has not yet had enough of being a rock legend. Instead, he released a new album this year.Western Stars is a solo album but includes guest contributions from members of the E Street Band and other artists, including his wife Patti Scialfa. Springsteen himself describes his new work as “a jewel box of a record”: from “sweeping, cinematic orchestral arrangements” to “character-driven songs”, it’s all there.

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN:Western Stars . Columbia Records.


“Pop and jazz are difficult allies,” Jamie Cullum once said in an interview. Pop is direct, memorable and disposable, whereas jazz means depth of content, improvisation, unpredictability and something for which one simply has to develop an understanding. Nevertheless, with his previous albums the British singer and songwriter has always succeeded to intelligently connect both styles of music together. On his eighth album,Taller , which fans had to wait five years for, the forty-year-old now combines elements of funk and gospel alongside jazz and pop.

JAMIE CULLUM:Taller . Island Records.



If you want to visit the Peterson Automotive Museum in L.A. in the near future, you should take along enough to drink. Because if your jaw is constantly dropping, that is sure to make you thirsty. The museum with its wacky exterior façade is currently showcasing fifty special treasures from Hollywood film history: several Batmobiles, K.I.T.T. fromKnight Rider , the 1966 Imperial Crown fromGreen Hornet , an LAPD spinner fromBlade Runner , the futuristic Light Cycles fromTron , a Main Force Patrol V8 Interceptor fromMad Max and the obligatory DeLorean. There is also a large selection of movie shirts and other merchandise in the museum gift shop – it’s a must-visit too.

Hollywood Dream Machines. Exhibition. Petersen Automotive Museum, Los Angeles. Until March 2020.

© Ted 7


What do a BMW M1 Turbo, an Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint Speciale, the gold-plated body of a first-generation 911, a swordfish and a stack of tires have in common? You can see them all at the Museum Art. Plus in Donaueschingen. The exhibition Vollgas – Full Speed focuses on the themes of automobiles and speed with works by national and international artists which, in the eyes of a petrolhead, are at times beautiful and at times odd. These include, for example, works by German artists Rainer Fetting, Robert Häusser and Jürgen Knubben as well as New York’s Rob Pruitt and Darío Escobar from Guatemala. Several of the exhibits could also serve as a suggestion for the design of your own living room.

VOLLGAS – FULL SPEED. Exhibition. Museum Art.Plus, Donaueschingen. Until 19 January 2020.