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ENGLISH FOR…: Weddings

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Für eine Hochzeit, den „schönsten Tag des Lebens“, gibt es allerlei Dinge zu bedenken. Wie diese auf Englisch heißen, lernen Sie hier.

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Happy day: after a lot of planning, it’s time to enjoy the cake

With around 400,000 marriages taking place in Germany each year, weddings are a booming business. The recent legalization of same-sex marriages, the glamour of royal weddings and the instant sharing of photos and plans on social media are all contributing to an increase in ...

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... wedding-related business opportunities and services.

If you plan to celebrate your special day with friends and family, the average cost of even a simple wedding in Germany starts at around €15,000. In the US and the UK, the figures are higher, with most brides and grooms having to budget at least $25,000 (about €20,000). And that doesn’t include special services, such as hiring a wedding planner. It’s not surprising, then, that more than 50 per cent of couples rely on financial help from their parents.

The average time between the engagement and the wedding is usually one to two years, giving couples much needed time to plan and budget. However, as popular venues and catering services can easily be booked out 18 months in advance, especially at summer weekends, planning and preparations should not be delayed.

Most of the commercial advice is aimed at brides: magazines and “how-to” books. And many hairstyle, jewellery and make-up suggestions can be found on sites such as Pinterest, where you can get ideas about ceremony and reception venues, colour schemes and designs that can be used on invitations, save-the-date cards, menus and other paper products, as well as tips and suggestions regarding decorations and flowers.

Unsurprisingly, there is also a large market for second-hand wedding articles, such as vases, candleholders and garlands.

The five biggest expenditures are on the venue, food, drink, rings and honeymoon. Often, the single most expensive item is the dress, which can easily cost upwards of €1,000. No wonder there’s a big market for alteration services, vintage outfits, and dress and suit hire.

If this all sounds very traditional, it’s worth considering some of the new services on offer these days. Online, you can order personalized wedding favours for guests, such as sweets bearing the wedding date, or wine labels printed with the couple’s names. You can download wedding music playlists for the reception, or hire a “tweeter-of-honour” to tweet your wedding day and keep your social media up to date. You can even pay someone to set up and continually update a website to provide guests with all the information they might need: how to get to the venue, where to stay and what presents the happy couple would like to receive — often money towards the wedding or the honeymoon.

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Useful vocabulary

Expand your vocabulary with these terms relating to weddings.

is a business English trainer and ELT materials author. She writes lesson plans for Macmillan’swww.onestopenglish.com and forBusiness Spotlight . Later this year, she is looking forward to being the proud “mother of the bride” at her daughter’s wedding.


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