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Bobbejaanland’s new theme area with its new and already available attractions, is a highlight in the park’s history

Text: Olaf Esser

Photos: Olaf Esser Bobbejaanland

With the Triple-Launch-Coaster “Fury” from Gerstlauer Rides, Bobbejaanland has opened a coaster world novelty – because here the riding guests decide if the ride should travel forwards or backwards over the track course!

And a completely new theme land was also worth while for Parques Reunidos, owner of the park since 2004. An update was urgently needed for the area neglected over the past few years behind and beside the colourfully freshened ...

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... up Gerstlauer-Coaster “Typhoon”, to connect up to the rest of the park thematically. The still impress - ive “Sledge Hammer” from Huss Park Attractions can also be met up with there. And this huge Giant Frisbee, first opened worldwide in 2002, also shines in new splendour. The gigantic swing move ment swings over the tracks of “Fury” – after all this attraction is even 1.5 metres higher than the comparable model from Intamin. “Sledge Hammer” looks splendid and fits into the scene per - fectly in the new “Land of Legends”. The entrance to the new theme area is highlighted by a waterfall, and visitors are greeted by the large “Guardian of Elements”. The entrances to all three attractions have been moved to the new area. The fourth attraction is a very beautifully designed water playground called “Naiads Water”, which is open to all guests to while away the time, especially those who either don’t want to, or are not allowed to ride the imposing coaster or the huge swing.

All four attractions in the “Land of Legends” address the four elements: “Typhoon” is the wind, the huge “Sledge Hammer” is earth, the water playground “Naiads Water” is logically water, and “Fury” is fire. The fire dragon Fogo wreaks havoc in the centre of “Fury’s” bustling tracks. The station is themed as a medieval fortress, and already in the waiting area there are knightly flags, signs and weapons to fight against the fire dragon. With a ride on Fogo the dragon will be conquered. The theming was the responsibility of the Leisure Expert Group, and the harmonious music comes from IMAscore. The ride on “Fury” captivates by the triple launch sequence, which reaches 106.6 km/h with strong acceleration, before the rest of the course is absolved. With this peak value, “Fury” is at the same time the fastest coaster in the Benelux countries.


■ Opening: 24th June, 2019

■ Track length: 600 m

■ Covered course: 830 m

■ Track height: 43 m

■ Speed: 106.6 km/h

■ Inversions: 4 (2)

■ Ride time: 1.30 Minute

■ 2 cars, each for 12 pers.

■ Manufacturer: Gerstlauer Rides, Münsterhausen, Germany

■ Operator: Bobbejaanland Lichtaart, Belgium

Park Director Yves Peeters and Creative Director Peggy Verelst opening the world novelty “Fury” at Bobbejaanland

First however, the riding guests de - cide on the ride direction before every ride! This has never happened before!

On the one hand the ride can go forwards quasi as “ex pected” – or com pletely in reverse. Nevertheless, the decision isn’t made by the single riding guest, but by all 12 passengers together in one train. Each person chooses the preferred direction from two knobs on his safety restraint. In this way the decision is made by the group, and there’s a lot of jitters as to whether a personal wish would be fulfilled. The result remains unknown until shortly before the extreme acceleration. Technically this is possible by way of the two rotating platforms. The train travels always forwards out of the station and only a few metres later comes to a standstill on the first platform. Then the train turns either to the right or the left. Guests then realise whether the ride goes forwards or backwards, so there’s many a scream, which comes from the revelation if the wish has been fulfilled, or if there is a new challenge.

The complete course in reverse is really a challenge, as the ride feels a lot more extreme. Each directional change or one of the four in - version elements come unexpectedly and are not foreseeable, but “Fury” is a lot of fun in both directions. Nevertheless, Bobbejaanland has reacted and has already announced that in the future there will be set times when the ride only travels forwards or in reverse. Following the three acceleration processes, the top speed is reached, and can conquer the Top Hat, at the upper point ripping the guests out of their seats.

”Sledge Hammer” has been beautifully integrated into the new theming

With just a press of a knob the ride direction is decided, and the car on the rotating platform is turned accordingly