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How to Get Into Shape at Home

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You want to get into shape and feel great, but have no desire to join a health club – it is too expensive, there is no gym nearby, or maybe you just do not have time or energy after work to go out again. Many people wish they could get a perfect beach body from eating junk food and being a couch potato, but this is just not going to happen. Even though getting fit sounds like a gruelling and time-consuming process, the effort will have many positive effects. So if you want to start your journey to having a better body and feeling healthy, here are some tips to follow:

1 Exercise Daily

Try to work out ...

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... daily, or as often as you can, for at least an hour – consistency is the key! Use simple tools to turn your home into a gym. No need to invest in expensive equipment to get a full-body workout at home. A doorway pull-up bar, a yoga ball, or small weights can give you everything you need to build up all the major muscle groups in the privacy of your own home.

2 Work Out in Front of Your TV Set

You can get your heart pumping by jogging in place, stretching, or doing simple lunges in your living room while watching all your favourite TV shows.

3 Make it Your ‘Me Time’

Find a quiet space for your workout heaven at home and let your family know that your exercise time is sacred. If you can have half an hour or so of uninterrupted “me time” when nobody will trouble you while you are exercising, you may find yourself starting to long for working out instead of dreading it.

4 Choose the Stairs Instead of the Lift

Do you live on the sixth floor? Fall in love with your stairwell and the next time you go shopping, forget the elevator and carry your bags up. Once you get used to climbing the stairs, it will become a calorie-burning habit.

5 Eat Good Stuff and Portion Each Meal

Try to stay away from sweets. Fruits and vegetables are the best thing to eat when getting into shape. Green veggies, such as broccoli and spinach keep the digestive system running. Stick to lean meats like turkey, chicken or fish. These foods are full of protein and valuable nutrients to help keep muscles fit and ready for exercising. Also, remember to portion what you eat.

6 Be Sure to Get Enough Sleep

Even though most of us have jobs during the day, it is essential to get enough sleep to recharge the body’s batteries. Six to eight hours of sleep will keep you going throughout the day, but if you feel tired after coming home from work, by all means, take a short, half-anhour nap before exercising. In the long term, it lowers your risk of heart disease and helps you keep fit. For the best rest, turn in and wake up at about the same time every day.

gym dʒɪm | Fitnessstudio
junk food | Junk-Food
couch potato ˈkaʊtʃ pəteɪtəʊ | Couch-Potato, Bewegungsmuffel, Stubenhocker
to get fit | fit werden, sich körperlich ertüchtigen
gruelling ˈɡruːəlɪŋ | strapaziös, zermürbend
daily | täglich
at least | wenigstens
consistency | Beständigkeit, Konsistenz
doorway pull-up bar | Türklimmzugstange
weights weɪtz | Gewichte
muscle ˈmʌsl | Muskel
stretching | Dehnen
lunge lʌndʒ | Ausfallschritt
workout | Training
uninterrupted | ununterbrochen
to trouble sb | jdn. stören
instead of sth | anstatt etw.
to dread sth | etw. fürchten, scheuen
2 lift | Aufzug
to fall in love with sth | sich in etw. verlieben
stairwell | Treppenhaus
elevator | Aufzug
to stay away from sth | sich von etw. fernhalten
digestive | Verdauungsto
stick to sth | sich an etw. halten
lean meat | mageres Fleisch
turkey | Truthahn
nutrient | Nährstoff
enough | genug, genügend
to recharge batteries | seine Batterien wiederaufladen

7 Do Not Skip Breakfast

This is important for lots of reasons. It jump-starts your metabolism and stops you from overeating later. In addition, research has shown that adults who have a healthy breakfast perform better at work. If a big plate of food the first thing in the morning does not sound like a good idea to you, just have a muesli bar or a piece of fruit.

8 Drink Plenty of Water

It can do so much good for you. Staying hydrated is not only at the top of the list, but may also help you lose weight. Do you need another reason to go for H2O? Fizzy drinks are full of sugar and linked to obesity and diabetes. If you are not an enthusiast of plain water, add slices of orange, lemon, lime or cucumber.

9 Go Offline

Do you often check your email or social media? The latest updates from friends and family are just a click away, but do you really need to see the pics of your neighbour’s latest outfit? Let it wait until morning. Log out and put the phone down. When you cut back on the screen time, you will be free to do other things like taking a walk, reading a book or exercising.

10 Be Mindful

It might involve meditating, or simply stopping to smell the roses. Whatever you do, research shows that mindfulness lowers stress, relieves pain and improves your mood. According to one study, eight weeks of regular meditation might positively affect the parts of your brain tied to emotions, learning and memory. Even washing up can be good for your brain, as long as it is done mindfully.

The good news is that by acting on these pieces of advice, you can get into shape and feel awesome without leaving your home. Through a combination of at-home exercises, good habits and a healthy diet, you can be well on your way to a better and happier life.

3 by all means | absolut, unbedingt
nap | Nickerchen
in the long term | langfristig
to lower sth | etw. verringern, reduzieren
heart disease | Herzleiden, -krankheit
to skip sth | etw. auslassen, übergehen
to jump-start sth | etw. auf Touren bringen
overheating | Überhitzen, Überhitzung
to perform | performen, agieren, leisten
plenty of sth | eine Menge (von) etw.
hydrated | hydriert
to lose weight | Gewicht verlieren, abnehmen
fizzy drink | kohlensäurehaltiges Getränk
obesity əʊˈbiːsəti | Adipositas, Fettleibigkeit
diabetes ˌdaɪəˈbiːtiːz | Diabetes
4 slice of sth | Scheibe (von) etw.
outfit | Outfit, Kleidung
to put sth down | etw. weglegen/aus der
Hand legen
mindful | aufmerksam, achtsam
to involve sth | etw. einschließen, beinhalten
to relieve pain | Schmerz lindern
according to sth | laut etw.
to affect sth | etw. beeinflussen
tied to sth | verbunden mit etw.
piece of advice | Ratschlag, Rat
awesome ˈɔːsəm | überwältigend, großartig

Household chores

What if we told you that carrying out household chores can actually replace hitting the gym? According to the latest research, giving your kitchen a thorough goingover might burn as many calories as a 20-minute spin class. Age, weight and gender do play a role, but, on average, it is possible to burn from 100-300 calories per hour doing housework. The estimates below are for a person weighing about 68 kilograms:

• Sweeping x 10 minutes = 37 calories
• Vacuuming x 10 minutes = 37 calories
• Ironing x 20 minutes = 50 calories
• Mopping x 20 minutes = 42 calories
• Making beds x 10 minutes = 23 calories
• Washing dishes x 10minutes = 26 calories

chore tʃɔː(r) | Hausarbeit, Arbeit
actually | wirklich, eigentlich
to hit the gym | ins Fitnessstudio gehen
thorough | gründlich, sorgfältig
going-over | in die Mangel nehmen, Reinigung, Saubermachen
gender | Geschlecht
on average | im Durchschnitt
sweeping | Kehren, Fegen
vacuuming | Staubsaugen
ironing | Bügeln