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In the Kitchen

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English Matters - epaper ⋅ Ausgabe 2/2020 vom 31.01.2020

They say food brings people together, but understanding one another while you’re chowing down doesn’t hurt. Get your apron on as English Matters shares how to converse about cuisine.

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to bring sb together | jdn. zusammenbringen
to chow down | zuschlagen, futtern
apron | Schürze
cuisine kwɪˈziːn | Küche

Verbs for Cooking

• First, we need to fry the vegetables.
• My husband baked these potatoes.
• We will roast the duck tonight.
• Have you seasoned the soup yet?
• She grilled the most amazing sausages last week.
• Let me just boil some water before we begin.

to fry sth | etw. braten
to bake sth ...

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... etw. backen etw. würzen etw. kochen

Different Courses

• I prefer small starters/appetisers so I don’t get too full.
• The main course/entrée is the most important part of a meal.
• I try to avoid dessert/pudding whenever I can.
• This party is so formal that they even have hors d’oeuvres.

course | Gang
starter/appetiser | Vorspeise
entrée ˈɒntreɪ | Hauptgang, Hauptgericht
dessert dɪˈzɜːt | Nachspeise, Dessert
hors d’oeuvres | Vorspeise, Horsd’oeuvre

Cooking Collocations

• My grandma makes the most nourishing meals.
• I can cook up a light meal if you’re feeling peckish.
• I could really use a square meal right now.
• There’s nothing quite like home-cooked food.
• My cousin can prepare the best gourmet meals.

nourishing | nahrhaft
to feel peckish | hungrig sein
square meal | ordentliche/reichliche Mahlzeit
gourmet ˈɡʊəmeɪɪ | Gourmet-/ Feinschmecke

Culinary Phrasal Verbs

• Keep this refrigerated so it doesn’t go off.
• If you thaw out the chicken now, it’ll be ready to cook later today.
• Put the rice on now, and I’ll make the salad.
• Have you heated up the pork yet?
• Make sure the soup doesn’t boil over, please.

to go off | schlecht werden, verderben
to thaw out sth | abtauen, auftauen
pork | Schweinefleisch

Kitchen Idioms

• Her cooking always makes my mouth water.
• He’s got a sweet tooth, so make sure you have dessert ready.
• I got a baker’s dozen* pastries from the shop.
• It’s OK if you don’t like my dish. It’s an acquired taste.
• This food is finger-licking good.
• I prefer serving my guests with small bites. I don’t want them binge eating.

to make one’s mouth water | jdm. den Mund wässrig machen
to have a sweet tooth | eine Naschkatze sein
pastry | Gebäck
finger-licking | so lecker, dass man sich die Finger ablecken möchte
binge eating | Heißhungeressen

* a baker's dozen means 13 of something


Penelope: I want everyone to close their eyes and take a bite of the food that I place in front of them. I want to see who can guess what I’ve been busy preparing all day.
Amy: Ooh, I’ll go first…OK, it tastes delicious. It’s very tender. I just can’t put my finger on it.
Doug: It’s got a nice kick to it. Not too spicy, but just right for me. You can definitely tell it was cooked with love.
Ralph: It’s a bit too gamey for me. Definitely not chicken, turkey or anything like that. Bold flavours though…
Penelope: I appreciate the feedback. Now open your eyes and have a look. What do you think it is?
Amy: Wow, it looks stunning. Like something I could get at a Michelin-star restaurant. But it’s not any dish I can recognise.
Doug: You know, it’s intense, but it’s also sweet. This wouldn’t be rabbit, would it?
Penelope: Right you are! I hope you don’t mind my little experiment. I tasted this before and really wanted to treat you all to it.

tender | zart
kick to sth | Bei-/Nachgeschmack
definitely | definitiv, absolut
gamey ˈɡeɪmi | angegangen, nach Wild schmeckend
bold | ausgeprägt, kräftig
stunning | atemberaubend
to recognise sth | etw. (wieder)erkennen

Dieting is Nuts

What’s the newest superfood you should nibble on to lose some weight? A new Harvard study found that replacing an unhealthy snack each day with a handful of nuts can stunt weight gain. This is especially true for older people. Nuts are packed with fibre, protein, and a number of vitamins and minerals. Instead of something like crisps or chocolate, as little as 14g of nuts on a daily basis can set you up for a slimmer future. These results come from a Harvard experiment that examined the lifestyles of almost 190,000 people over more than 20 years. The participants ranged in age from 24 to 75. Across the board, people who added nuts to a healthy diet and ditched detrimental snacks fared the best. As one researcher put it, “incorporating nuts [into] a healthy diet by replacing less healthy foods may…beneficially contribute to the prevention of obesity.”

to be nuts | verrückt sein
to nibble on sth | etw. naschen, an etw. knabbern
snack | Snack, Imbiss
to stunt sth | etw. hemmen, behindern
fibre | Ballaststoff
instead of sth | anstatt etw.
on a daily basis | täglich
across the board | allgemein, generell
to ditch sth | etw. stehen lassen, weglassen
detrimental | schädlich
to fare | abschneiden
to contribute to sth | zu etw. beitragen
obesity əʊˈbiːsəti | Fettleibigkeit, Adipositas


Derek: So, how did you like my dinner? Come on, you can be honest.
Zoe: To be perfectly frank, I just don’t think it was for me. I’m not a big fan of pork.
Derek: Really? Everyone else seemed to eat it right up. It’s a shame you’re such a picky eater.
Zoe: That’s not fair. You know what? Everyone was whispering about how much they detested it. They just ate it to be polite.
Derek: What are you talking about? People love it when I cook for them.
Zoe: Derek, the pork was bone-dry. It was overdone. Way overdone.
Derek: Well, perhaps I kept it in for a minute or two longer than I should have…
Zoe: And it was utterly tasteless. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted something so bland. A little salt wouldn’t kill you every once in while, you know?

frank | aufrichtig
picky eater | wählerischer/pingeliger Esser
to whisper | flüstern
utterly | absolut, gänzlich

As Sweet As Honey

Think all honeys are basically the same? Think again. In one of 2019’s quirkiest stories, a beekeeper in Turkey believes he has definitive proof that more expensive honeys are actually a cut above the rest. Whose palettes is he trusting? Those of local bears. Ibrahim Sedef from the coastal town of Trabzon discovered that bears were stealing the honey that his bees were producing. In his efforts to keep the thieves away, Sedef found that the bears had a penchant for the honeys that he considered higher quality.
To protect his various beehives, Sedef put many different bowls of food around his farm to entice the bears away from his bees. Most of the bowls had different types and different qualities of honey in them. Time and time again, the bears would consistently go to the bowl with the most expensive honey. The other bowls hardly had any visitors. Somehow, the bears had the same tastes as Sedef’s human customers. In case you’re curious, the premium honey in question is known as Anzer honey. Apart from its fantastic taste, the honey is said to have many curative powers, too.

quirky | skurril sonderbar
beekeeper | Imker
actually | eigentlich, in Wirklichkeit
to be a cut above the rest | etw. Besseres als jd. sein
penchant for sth ˈpɒ̃ʃɒ̃ fə(r) ˈsʌmθɪŋ | Faible/Vorliebe für etw.
beehive | Bienenstock
to entice sb away from sth | jdn. von etw. weglocken
consistently | regelmäßig, beständig
customer | Kunde
apart from sth | außer etw., abgesehen von etw.
curative powers | heilende Wirkung

Food Adjectives – Taste

• I found the dish rather bland.
• Would you like a spicy or mild main dish?
• I’m sorry, it’s just too salty/sugary.
• It’s sickly sweet.
• This is delicious.

bitter | bitter
sour | sauer
bland | fade
spicy | scharf
salty | salzig
sugary | süß
sickly | ekelhaft, übersüß

Food Adjectives – Quality

• His lamb came out too greasy/oily.

• My fish is a little underdone/undercooked.

• My mum’s cooking is very stodgy/ heavy.

• The chicken was bone-dry.

• I’d like my steak rare/medium/ well-done.

lamb | Lamm
greasy | fettig
underdone/undercooked | nicht gar
stodgy/heavy | schwer verdaulich
bone-dry | knochentrocken
rare | blutig
medium | rosa, medium
well-done | (gut) durch