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Lucy Lapwing, nature nerd

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1 WHEN LIFE gives you lemons, make lemonade, the saying goes. Lucy Hodson seems to be pretty good at doing just that.

2 Lucy Hodson is a naturalist and conservationist who works as a Communications Officer for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) in England. As a “nature nerd” she even uses her spare time to post about wildlife on social media. She hopes her posts will teach “people about the nature on their doorsteps in a fun and informal way.”

3 Hodson’s love of nature began when she was young. She writes on the Lonely Conservationists website, “I grew up in the countryside, and was allowed to free-roam throughout my childhood … Many of my peers weren’t afforded the same freedom, so I soon learnt to entertain myself in the great outdoors; bug hunting, bird watching & tree climbing.”

4 Hodson wanted to turn her passion for nature into a career ...

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4 Hodson wanted to turn her passion for nature into a career and took a degree in Wildlife Conservation. When she finished, she was thrilled to land a job at a nature reserve. There she planned events and led nature walks. But shortly afterwards, just as she was turning 23, things took a turn for the worse. She was diagnosed with a type of cancer called Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She needed chemotherapy and couldn’t work.

6 Then, when all our lives took a downturn because of the pandemic, Hodson used the chance to begin another social media project about wildlife. She started the YouTube channel “Birdsong Lessons with Lucy Lapwing – Learning British Birdsong.”

7 Hodson noticed that during lockdown people had become interested in birdsong. She thinks that perhaps the lack of traffic and airplane noise meant people could better hear the birds chirping and that made them curious about the sounds. To help people figure out what kind of bird they were hearing, Hodson started the birdsong YouTube channel. Each video is about a different bird and the kind of sound it makes.

8 Lucy Lapwing’s activities on social media became more popular and eventually caught the eye of the television programme BBC Springwatch. She was featured recently on a special episode called Winterwatch.

9 But despite overcoming adversity in her personal life, Hodson is still very worried about the environment. On the Lonely Conservationists website, she says she feels panicked when she reads environmental news. And one of her Twitter posts says, “Hi, I’m an eco-worrier! I don’t know about you, but I’m so exhausted from constantly worrying.”

10 Maybe that’s why Lucy Lapwing is so active on social media. If people knew more about nature, they’d want to save it, Hodson believes. She writes, “I’m particularly passionate about connecting people to our natural world – it’s the missing link that’s been lost along the way.”

0 – 2 LAPWING Kiebitz — wildlife Tiere und Pflanzen — saying Redensart — to seem scheinen — pretty (coll) ziemlich — naturalist “"nœtS´r´lIst‘ Naturforscher(in) — conservationist “ÆkÅns´"veIS´nIst‘ Naturschützer(in) — Communications Officer “k´Æmju…nI"keIS´nz "ÅfIs´‘ Kommunikationsbeauftragte(r) — Royal Society for the Protection of Birds “s´"saI´ti‘ Königliche Gesellschaft für Vogelschutz — on their doorsteps direkt vor ihrer Haustür

3 to be allowed to “´"laUd‘ dürfen — to free-roam draußen frei umherstreifen —throughout my childhood “Tru…"aUt‘ während meiner ganzen Kindheit — of my peers … der gleichaltrigen Kinder um mich herum — s.o. is afforded the same freedom jdm. werden die gleichen Freiheiten gewährt — to entertain o.s. sich selbst unterhalten — the great outdoors die freie Natur — bug hunting h.: Käfersuche — bird watching Vogelbeobachtung

4 to turn s.th. into a career etw. zum Beruf machen — passion “"pœS´n‘ Begeisterung — to take a degree in s.th. etw. studieren — wildlife conservation Naturschutz — to be thrilled sich riesig freuen — to land a job (coll) einen Job an Land ziehen — nature reserve Naturschutzgebiet — to lead führen — to turn … werden — to take a turn for the worse (fig) sich zum Schlechten wenden — to diagnose s.o. with a disease “"daI´gn´Uz‘ eine Krankheit bei jdm. feststellen — type of cancer Krebsart — Hodgkin’s lymphoma “ÆhÅdZkInz lIm"f´Um´‘ Lymphdrüsenkrebs — chemotherapy “Æki…m´U"Ter´pi‘

5 – 8 time off work arbeitsfreie Zeit — to take a downturn (fig) einen Tiefpunkt erfahren — the lack of das Fehlen von … — to chirp zwitschern — curious “"kjU´ri´s‘ neugierig — to figure s.th. out etw. herausfinden — eventually “I"ventSu´li‘ schließlich — to catch the eye of s.o. (fig) jdm. auffallen — to be featured on zu sehen sein in — recently “"ri…s´ntli‘ vor Kurzem

9 –10 despite obwohl — to overcome adversity “´d"v‰…s´ti‘ schwierige Zeiten durchstehen — environment “In"vaIr´nm´nt‘ Umwelt — eco-worrier “"i… k´UÆwøri´‘ Mensch, der sich viele Sorgen um die Umwelt macht — exhausted “Ig"zO…stId‘ erschöpft — constantly ständig — to save retten — particularly “p´"tIkj´l´li‘ besonders — s.o. is passionate about doing s.th. “"pœS´n´t‘ jdm. liegt es am Herzen, etw. zu tun — to connect to in Verbindung bringen mit — missing link fehlendes Bindeglied — along the way h.: mit der Zeit

crossword puzzle: British wildlife • Solution on page 8

All of the words in this crossword are in the orange box. If you put the letters in the orange squares in the correct order, you can find the answer below.

hedgehog • squirrel • fox • rabbit • mouse

• deer • badger • weasel • bat • boar • seal

• otter • dolphin


3 It lives partly in the sea and partly on land or ice. It can be seen basking in the sun on a rock

4 It has a long body and can squeeze into small spaces. It kills and eats other small animals like mice and birds

6 It belongs to the dog family but it is wild. It often has reddish-brown fur

8 It’s very small and has short fur, a pointed face, and a long tail

9 It has long ears and big front teeth and moves by jumping on its back legs

11 Its back is covered in sharp spines

12 It’s a mammal that flies


1 It has a narrow face with black stripes. It lives underground and comes out to feed at night

2A rather large animal that eats grass and leaves. The males have antlers

3 It has a long bushy tail, lives in trees, and feeds on nuts and seeds

5A large grey mammal with a long, pointed mouth that lives in the sea

7 It swims well, eats fish and is known for being very playful

10 It’s a type of wild pig

Lucy Lapwing has a YouTube channel about this: — — — — — — — —