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Multiple options

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Here, we present some more key phrases and expressions you might use to talk about marketing campaigns.

The Situation:
Mark and Fay talk to Dawn, the creative director in their marketing department.

5. Rebranding starts here

Dawn: What’s the goal of the new portfolio and campaign? Do you want to drive penetration or frequency?
Fay: Ultimately,we want to capture a whole new segment: Gen Z.
Dawn: What makes us stand out? ...

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... Our products should be the top-of-mind brand for health and taste with young people. environmental protection. That means a complete rebranding! our market leader for baby boomers?

6. New faces, new places

Mark: What’s our go-to-market strategy?
Dawn: We need to look at the whole customer journey and relevant touchpoints. Gen Z shop everywhere — when they are hungry.
Fay: They move between smartphones, computers, social media platforms, events and shops.Where, when and how do we reach these potential customers?
Mark: It’s a big ask. But it’s essential that we target them.
Fay: Dawn,I’ll inbox you some interesting research on Gen Z campaigns after the meeting.
Dawn: I’ll put together a team.

7. Communicate it!

Mark: How and where will we communicate our value proposition?
Fay: I’ve broken down our campaign into different categories. First, there’s paid media.We’ll capture their attention through strategic media buying. This is a data-driven approach specific to this target audience. It’s all connected to our events.
Dawn: Throughout, we have the same positive message. We want young people to feel confident about themselves.
Fay: Then, we have the events we will sponsor over the next six months.
Mark: Great. Will you be swimming across Lake Geneva?

break down sth. into sth.
etw. in etw. aufteilen

Phrase Bank
For a list of all the key phrases used in the dialogues, see pages 12–13

8. Own it!

Mark: What’s this category “owned media”? What’s that about?
Fay: That’s everything we create, such as our blog and app.
Dawn: Our strategic inbound marketing will expose Gen Z to “how-to messages” linked to these platforms.Everything ties in with our brand image and brand positioning.
Mark: What about social media? The right influencer can be a brand-awareness driver.
Fay: We’ve signed up three influencers to endorse our events, blog and app. And our products.

sign sb. up , jmdn. verpflichten
tie in with sth.
mit etw. übereinstimmen

Using marketing jargon helps us feel part of the team. Jargon helps summarize complex ideas, such as “go-to-market strategy” or “brand-awareness driver”. But it can also make others feel they are on the outside. Use with care.

Illustration: Bernhard Förth