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SPECIAL: Novelties 2020: Europe

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Kirmes & Park Revue English Edition - epaper ⋅ Ausgabe 3/2020 vom 17.02.2020

Once again this year, the Kirmes & Park Revue is traditionally presenting the most extensive intro - duction of novelties of the new season. In this edition we are intro ducing all novelties in the European theme parks, to be followed by novelties in all other countries in the world (April edition), concluded by water park novelties for 2020 (May edition). As these exclusive lists will be published in both lan guage versions - Kirmes & Park Revue (German) as well as Kirmes & Park Revue Inter national (English), the lists will appear in English alphabetical order for a better overview.

Co-Author: Frank Lanfer ...

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Co-Author: Frank Lanfer

Plopsaland’s new hotel with fantastic theming


■ Familypark: Visitors will experience a new adventure in the theme area “Bauernhof”.

■ Wiener Prater: Ride Engineers Switzerland will be delivering an attraction of type “Rollerball” to the Prater. Furthermore, the “Break Dance” from Koidl will be technically overhauled by the SAD firm in Dinslaken and brought to the latest standard.


■ Bellewaerde: A family coaster by the name of “Wakala” will be erected in the Canadian theme area by Gerstlauer. The 660 metres long and 21 metres high attraction offers in addition to its family friendly layout a dynamic “Spike” element, erected on the lake. This section with tilted airtime hill will be absolved forwards and in reverse, and then travels forwards in the station per switch-track.

■ Plopsa Coo: A “WindstarZ” from Zamperla in a Maya-the-Bee theme will provide swinging ride fun. The “Octopus” on the other hand has left the park.


■ Dyrehavsbakken: KMG is delivering a new suspended swing of type “Freak Out” to the oldest theme park in the world; its name will be “Super Nova”.

■ Fårup Sommerland: A new family Boomerang with a custom layout will be delivered by Vekoma Rides to the Danish coast. The 24 metres high attraction offers in addition to the well-known forwards and reverse ride also a tunnel.

Probable layout of the new coaster at the Belgian Park Bellewaerde


Despite every care being taken , should a 2020 attraction have been overlooked we ask that we be notified under the following email address immediately. Many thanks. frank.lanfer@gemiverlag.de

The new theme land was recently introduced: “The Lego Movie Land” at Legoland Billund

■ Legoland Billund: A Flying theatre from Brogent will be erected in the new theme area “The Lego Movie”; additionally, an “Aerobat” from Technical Park will provide rotating flying fun, and a smaller freefall from Zierer for butterflies in the stomach. Less courageous visitors will climb the new climb - ing structure on the playground.

■ Tivoli Friheden: The spectacular thrill ride “Pegasus 24” will be demolished after the end of the season and will be replaced by a significantly gentler on the stomach “Loop Fighter 16” from Technical Park, that will however offer enough rid - ing fun and will be named Himmelrum”.

■ Tivoli Gardens: New Powered Coaster from Mack.


■ Powerland: In the deep north the launch coaster “Junker” will have competition in the park itself: A new coaster from Gerstlauer rounds off the coaster portfolio towards the top. Whilst the technical details are still being kept secret, it’s easy to see from the photos that there is a vertical lift without brakes before the drop. Additionally, the tracks will cross the street and travel over the go-kart track and leads on in one turn, similar to the “Shamb - hala” (PortAventura).

■ Särkänniemi: he park located in Tampere has demolished its “Half-Pipe” from Intamin. For the 2020 season more investment will be made in the infrastructure, among others the large viewing tower with restaurant will have new lifts.


■Animaparc: In addition to a new logo and the name affix “Occitanie”, the park located near Toulouse will receive two new coasters from SBF Visa, one of which is a compact spinning coaster. High flying will also take place on the new “Drop and Twist” tower. Another until now unknown ride construction, as well as a new restaurant will also be erected. Additionally, the park will be elaborately renovated.

■ Dennlys Parc: A new monorail from Soquet will give visitors completely new perspectives.

■ Didiland: A new track ride in a duck optic will be erected for the smaller visitors.

Fårup Sommerland receives a new family coaster

Three new attractions for Fraispertuis City

A spectacular indoor and outdoor coaster for Futuroscope

A new kiddie coaster with great theming for Nigloland

■ Disneyland Resort Paris: The rebuilding of the earlier “Hotel New York” will be completed so that from summer on visitors will be able to reside in “The Art of Marvel Hotel”.

■ Family Parc: Successful relocation: After the park gates closed last September, all attractions were dismantled and erected on a new area. Additional new arrivals were a new water attraction, a coaster of type “Flitzer”, a huge slide, and a number of kiddie attractions.

■ Fraispertuis City: Three new family attractions are being delivered by Zamperla and themed in a beautiful western optic: The “Post Office ” is a “Speedway” (a type of “The Whip”), in a post office design, “Corb’hauts“ is of type “Magic Bikes”, and “P'tits moussaillons“ is a small flight ride in a pirate theme.

■Futuroscope: The first coaster at the park is expected with a lot of excitement. The attraction delivered by Intamin by the name of “Objectif Mars” with almost three minutes ride time contains a launch and vertical drop. Additionally, the trains, each with three cars accommodating four passengers, are rotatable. For those that this is too much thrill can be enter - tained by a new 3D-film at “Studio 16”.

■ Jacquou Parc: Four new attractions are being erected: Three for small visitors as well as a new “Aerobat Rush” from Technical Park.

The new spectacular theme hotel at Parc Astérix / Europe’s first “NebulaZ” ride (Zamperla) goes to Walibi Rhônes-Alpes

■ Jardin des Betes: A new spinning coaster from Gosetto will be erected here.

■ Kingoland: The used attraction purchased from Gulliver’s Milton Keynes from Pinfari (262 m long and 10 m high) will be newly opened as the “Gold Rush”.

■ La Mer de Sable: A new coaster has been an - nounced in Wild West design, but more information is not available.

■ La Récré des trois Curés: 440 m long, 2 in - versions and a 27 m height - these are the key data of the new “Euro-Fighter” from Gerstlauer; the name will be “Vertika”.

■ Le Fleury: The earlier Tivoli Small Coaster at Tivoli Gardens has now found a new home at Le Fleury.

■ Le Pal: It’s all about family friendliness at Le Pal this year: In addition to a small water attraction for children, Zamperla is delivering a “Convoy”. Also under construction is the park’s own hotel, which however will be first completed for the year 2021.

■ Nigloland: With “Noisette Express”, which is a family coaster with a 220 m length from ART Engineer ing, the park’s coaster portfolio has been family friendly extended - in typical and likable Nigloland style.

The Erlebniswelt Seilbahnen Thale receives a “Roller Ball” from RES

■Papea Parc: A new balloon carousel, a new show as well as a playground will round off the portfolio of the family park near Le Mans.

■ Parc Astérix: At the end of the 2019 season the “Transdemonium” attraction was closed and the hall completely gutted. The overnight accommodation will be significantly extended with the open - ing of the new hotel “Les Quais de Lutèce” with 150 rooms.

■ Parc Bagatelle: “Les Woodies” is the name of another delivery of a “Sidecar” from Technical Park; here in the form of a small truck.

■ Parc des Combes: A teacup ride in tree trunk optic will be erected for the upcoming season, its location will be near the Ferris wheel.

■ Puy du Fou: In addition to a new hotel and a congress centre for B2B events, there will be a new evening show, which as always, will offer the greatest possible spectacle.

■ Walibi Rhônes-Alpes: Phase 3 of the reconstruction of the theme area “Festival City” is going at a great pace. Zamperla is delivering a variation of the ride “NebulaZ” that will attract a lot of attention due to its optic. It is the first delivery of such a ride in Europe.

■ Walt Disney Studios: A new interactive show will be presented in the newly renovated theatre. “Disney Juniors Dream Party” will be a hit particularly for the small visitors. In summer the redesigned “Studio Tram Tour” will open again with a car-theme


■ Bayern-Park: Visitors will be astounded: A new freefall tower from Funtime with an impressive height of 109 m will shake visitors well, and at the same time serve as a landmark from faraway.

■ Erlebnispark Schloss Thurn: A swing boat from Metallbau Emmeln will be erected with a bat theme

■ Erlebnispark Tripsdrill: Two new coasters themed in typical Swabian style will be erected. “Hals Über Kopf” is the first delivery of a suspended thrill coaster from Vekoma (800 m long, 4 inversions). For those who consider the ride to have too much thrill can enjoy themselves on the “Volldampf”, a family Boomerang also from Vekoma. The Spiegeltor firm is, amongst others, responsible for the design

The reconstructed “Piraten in Batavia” attraction at Europa-Park will have a spectacular theming

A “Loopster” from Sunkid for Legoland Deutschland

Water attractions for German theme parks: “Awildas Abenteuerfahrt” at Hansa-Park and “Dino Splash” (Redesign of the “Donnerfluss”) at Holiday Park (down)

■ Erlebniswelt Seilbahnen Thale: Quite a number of novelties will entice visitors to the park: In addition to a kiddie coaster there will also be a “Rollerball” for families from RES. There will also be a number of self-operable rides that will offer divers - ity at the park.

■ Europa-Park: The pirates are back! “Piraten von Batavia” that was ruined in the large fire in 2018 will return in 2020 in a new outfit. The classic dark ride with new technology will provide the theme area Niederlande with new splendour.

■ Ferienzentrum Schloss Dankern: In addition to new interactive trampolines there will apparently also be a new water playground erected.

■ Fort Fun Abenteuerland: The rafting “Rio Grande ” is currently being extensively renovated and should be available to visitors at the beginning of the season.

■ Freizeitland Geiselwind: In addition to a swing boat from SBF Visa, the new theme area “Tukis Verrückte Farm” together with a theme ride will excite the smaller visitors. Also in situ: A kiddie ride in a rabbit theme. Additionally, a new maze will be added to the theme area “Drachenbucht”.

■ Freizeitpark Ittertal: The park located in Solingen that was closed at the end of 2018 will apparently have a new owner, operating from this season. The name of the new owner has not been disclosed by past operator Bruno Schmelter.

■ Hansa-Park: “Awildas Abenteuerfahrt” is a themed kiddie water attraction from Soquet, and “Awildas Ausguck” is an 11 metres high freefall tower

■ Heide-Park: Peppa Pig is taking to the skies - in a new balloon ride for the whole family, and has natur ally been designed in the well-known candybright optic of the popular kiddie series.

■ Holiday Park:The rafting “Donnerfluss” will be redesigned to “Dino Splash”.

■ Karls Erlebnisdorf Elstal: The extended “Marmeladenland” will have two new ride attractions: A teacup ride in marmalade glass optic, as well as the “Karls verrückte Kaffeetafel”.

■ Karls Erlebnisdorf Koserow: A “Big Apple” from SBF Visa, in this instance disguised as “Big Straw - berry” by the name of “Erdbeer-Raupenbahn” rounds off the park offers.

■ Karls Erlebnisdorf Zirkow: In Zirkow there will also be an apple from SBF Visa, from type MX48, as in the sister park also.

■ Legoland Deutschland: Sunkid is delivering a “Loopster” to Günzburg; it will be themed as the “Lloyd‘s Spinjitzu Spinner”.

Phantasialand is laying low as usual, but this year the new theme area “Rookburgh” will open together with hotel and flying coaster

■Phantasialand: With the new theme area “Rookburgh” there will be a couple of records: “F.L.Y.” will be the first flying-coaster with a launch to fly through the highly themed world giving passengers quite a few near misses. A new hotel will also open.

The same „Rocket Ball” attraction twice from SBF-Visa, but differently designed twice: As a tree trunk at Rasti-Land and as the “Kakerlakak” at Ravensburger Spieleland

■potts park: In addition to an improved infrastructure for the season, the ride “Blütenwirbel” is to be re-themed.

■Rasti-Land: SBF Visa is delivering a “Rocket Roll” to Lower Saxony. Additionally, a new adventure playground will be erected with a pirate theme.

■Ravensburger Spieleland: There will also be a “Rocket Roll” from SBF Visa erected here, fitting to the popular game “Kakerlakak”.

■Rulantica: A new VR-attraction by the name of “Yullbe” will be located in the Rulantica building.

■Schwaben Park: In addition to a show with a jungle theme and a Hauch TrashTV-reference the apparently largest investment of Schwaben Park will open: Powered coaster “Hummel Brummel” is a “Wie-Flyer” from Wiegand. Visitors can have an interactive ride experience by way of a joystick.

■Serengeti Park: There is to be a replacement of the almost 40-year-old Zierer coaster “Chura Racer ” with a new coaster, but more details are not available.

■Skyline Park: High up into the skies in Allgäu: A “Star Flyer” from Funtime with the impressive total height of 142 m will be the world’s highest attraction of this type. The “Star Shape” from Zierer how - ever, has left the park.

■Taunus Wunderland: A compact spinning coaster MX608 by the name of “Kuhddel Muuuhddel” will spin its visitors.

■Wild- und Freizeitpark Klotten: The interactive theme ride from Lagotronics “Kuniberts Aben - teuer” opens its gates.

The same controllable powered inverted coaster “Hummel Brummel” (Wiegand) will enrich Schwaben-Park

Two novelties for Chessington World of Adventures

Great Britain

■ Alton Towers: A 4D-dark ride will be erected in the new area “World of David Williams”. Both older and young visitors can enjoy the story of the gangster granny and go on a jewellery raid.

■Chessington World of Adventures: The Top Spin “Ramses Revenge” from Huss has left the park and will be replaced with a new freefall. The highlight is that the visitors will fall into an open crocodile mouth. However, the smaller visitors won’t miss out either: In the new “Rainforest Land” a flight ride, a jeep safari and a mini-flume will provide them with lots of fun.

■Clacton Pier: A used Pinfari ZL42 will be erected and will stand riding guests on their head. nFantasy Island: A used “Star Shape” from Zierer (earlier Allgäus Skyline Park) will reopen here. n Flamingoland: After the Brazilian Hopi Hari Park was delivered a “10-Inversion Coaster” from Intamin in 2011, but had no funds left for the build-up, the attraction went to the Malaysian Movie Animation Park Studios (MAPS). The attraction wasn’t built up there either, so Flamingoland will be the first operator of an almost 10-year-old construction. The 874 m long and 33m high coaster captivates in particular with its iconic quad ruple roll. An almost structurally identical construction has been in operation since 2002 at the Thorpe Park, 400 km away.

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach receives an interactive flight ride from SBF-Visa, at the new Gulliver’s Valley Resort recreational value will be greatly emphasised, Legoland Windsor receives a kiddie coaster

■Funland Hayling: Two used family round rides will open in the upcoming season: “Flying Ele phants” and “Dragon Boats” were mediated by Inter link.

■Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach: A new flatride from SBF Visa will open. Visitors can determine the number of inversions of the passenger carriers on this prototype, by way of motoric control.

■Gulliver’s Valley Resort: A completely new park is currently being developed in Rotherham; the open ing is planned for spring 2020. Among the attractions there will be particularly family friendly rides such as swing boat, teacup ride, boat slide, a boat ride, Ferris wheel, rafting, spinning coaster, as well as also a wooden coaster. Various overnight accommodation possibilities will also be offered

■Gulliver’s Warrington: A new spinning coaster will apparently be erected, but no further information is available.

■Legoland Windsor: Mack Rides is delivering a family coaster that will be erected in the kiddie area “Duplo Valley”, and will be fitting themed as the “Duplo Dino Coaster”. The extension of the playground is also in planning.

At long last enhancement at Paultons Park: Spinning coaster, two family-freefall towers, and a kiddie driving school

■M&Ds Scotland’s Theme Park: Already in 2018, a three million extension and a new coaster, a playground in pirate design, as well as the extension of the Alona hotel were announced - however since then there is silence about this project. After the park paid out 1.2 million Pounds to the casualty of the major “Tsunami” accident, as well as 65,00 Pounds in financial penalties due to various violations of the Health and Safety at Work Acts, it is questionable if and when the project will be implemented.

■Paultons Park: In the new theme area “Tornado Springs” a number of new attractions will be erected: The main attraction is the 430 m long spinning coaster “Storm Chaser” from Mack Rides. Ad - ditionally, there will also be a kiddie driving school, a suspended swing, two family freefalls, a boat slide , and a new restaurant. The area will be de - signed by the Leisure Expert Group.

■Southport Pleasureland: A used Pinfari minimega coaster MM29 from Gulliver’s Warrington will be erected here.

Italy’s Magicland will have a planetarium


■Gardaland: It´s Showtime: In addition to a musical, a show, as well as a fountain show and a new 4D-film (Wonder Woman), Europe’s first Lego water park will cause a furore (more details see “Novelties Water Parks“).

■Leolandia: The pyjama heroes will have their own theme area: Popular with all kids and parents, the PJ Masks are moving into Leolandia. In this area there will be a new attraction from Zamperla as well as a Meet & Greet with the well-known characters from the series.

■Magicland: The path leads to the rainbow: Added to the renaming to Magicland a planetarium will also open this season. The classic edutainment will be located in a 25 m diameter dome.

■Movieland: A new 3D-cinema from Moviemex will apparently be erected; thematically the ride will take place in outer space.


■Attractiepark Rotterdam: The Saga Continues: Let’s see if the park will really open its gates this year; after all, building has been going on for almost eight years. The first glimmer of hope has appeared - there is a large sign over the entrance area, and the UFO-restaurant has opened. The “Evolution” from Nauta Bussink as well as the “Shuttle Loop” from Schwarzkopf will no longer be in the park portfolio.

■Duinrell: The indoor playground will be significantly enlarged, and a new entrance area erected. The camping place will also receive an upgrade, and new lodges will be erected.

■Efteling: The popular Bob from Intamin will be dismantled, and currently two powered coasters from Mack Rides are rising on the area, the design is based on the well-known figures Max and Moritz.

Efteling’s new racing coaster “Max & Moritz” from Mack Rides

Kiddie-freefall at Walibi Holland / Energylandia: a new theme area with a huge coaster from Vekoma


■Hunderfossen Familypark: On the 13th June a new pool landscape will open with among others a slide, a small children area, and a generous reclining area. More about this shortly in the water park news.


■Energylandia: Business as usual: Energylandia is erecting - once again - one of the most exciting novelties in 2020, this time in the form of a complete theme area together with the boat themed ride “Grotto Adventure”, the new high dive show “The Aquajump”, a “Disk´O Coaster” from Zamperla as well as a new restaurant by the name of “The Hall of the Columns”. The main attraction will be a 1,316 m long and 100 km/h speedy coaster from type “Shockwave” from Vekoma Rides. For the theming JoraVision is responsible this time, so that the theme area will also be optically convincing.

■Legendia: Hafema is erecting a new rafting in the centre of an opulent (artificial) rocky land scape. n Mandoria: A new theme park that has settled in the time of the renaissance will apparently open in summer near Łódź. Not much is known about the park currently, only that it will start as an all year round open indoor park, and in the coming years will be successively extended. Already announced is among others a “Bob Coaster” from Gerstlauer.

■Mayaland Kownaty: All in one swoop at Majaland: In the new Wickie theme area a “Splash Battle ” from Mack Rides as well as a “Disk’O Coaster ” from Zamperla will be installed for the 2020 season

At long last: Dream Island near Moscow will open in spring 2020


■Dreamland Moscow: After a couple of setbacks, the Dream Island Mall should open at the end of Feb - ruary. In addition to a launch coaster from Intamin and a spinning mouse from Fabbri, there will also be spectacular attractions, e.g. a “Flying Theatre”, and a “Sus pended Top Spin” from Huss Park Attractions, and a“Disk’O” and a “Magic Bikes” from Zam perla.


■Isla Magica: A round ride from Zamperla of type “Watermania” will provide lots of wet fun.

Shrek at PortAventura / new Gosetto-darkride at Liseberg

A new indoor park for Switzerland: Ticiland

■Tibidabo: The beautiful and historic Standseilbahn will be modernised. In the process it will have more space, ground area, and large windows, but sadly will also lose a part of its charm with these steps.

■PortAventura: Following the opening of last year’s large attraction, the “Sesame Street” dark ride from Sally, the park is focusing on new shows in honour of its 25-year anniversary, to begin a year filled with emotion. A new character is Shrek


■Furuvik: “Draken” will be the new 128 m long family coaster from Zierer.

■Liseberg: Added to the renovation of the kiddie area, the new dark ride “Underlandet” will cause a lot of joy about the green rabbit - the park mascot. The ride system will be delivered by Gosetto; the theming is from P&P Projects

■Skara Sommerland: Great snaking at Skara: The thrill ride “Snake” from the Funtime firm changes the point of destination within the park group (earlier Gröna Lund).


■Ticiland: In a new indoor FEC in Stein am Rhein there will be a number of rides erected: In the concept arts there will be for example a family coaster, a chain ride, and much more. The attractions come mainly from Zierer. The opening is expected to be in the fourth quarter of 2020. Owner and operator is the Hablützel & Mack-Even AG - behind the name stands Swiss showman Peter Hablützel, who is also known internationally due to his “Expo Wheel”, and Markus Mack-Even (a member of the Europa-Park family).

Photos: All Parks & Manufacturers