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Summary: Ferrari Forever

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We saw many young stallions with the desired Trakehner type, demonstrating good riding horse qualities. There were little aberrations and in general the X-ray photographs showed few abnormalities.

The free jumping was an absolute highlight. A dressage horse too must make good use its body, with power, elasticity, balance and use of the hind leg. Now, with the Trakehner in the spotlight internationally for delivering excellent eventing horses, the gallop and ...

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4. Trakehner Freispring-Cup: Abgehoben!
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4. Trakehner Freispring-Cup: Abgehoben!
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... an easy change of leg and a good, relaxed walk are important, genetically grounded, criteria. The walk here on display during the Hengstmarkt days, could be more relaxed at times and of course, the surroundings are challenging for young horses, but a groom can play a major role here. Often ‘Less is more’ should apply.”

Der amtierende US-Meister der Vielseitigkeit und Doppelgoldgewinner bei den diesjährigen PanAm- Games,Boyd Martin , war mit seiner Frau Silva dabei, als Dr. Timothy Holekamp, Züchter seines Erfolgspferdes TSETSERLEG, als Züchter des Jahres geehrt wurde. In einem Interview beim Galaabend schwärmte er von der Leistungsbereitschaft seines ersten Trakehners und nach der Auktion der nicht gekörten Hengste hat er demnächst auch ein Trakehner Nachwuchspferd im Stall: Seine SponsorinPatricia Luttgen erwarb den sportlichen HIGH MOON v. Sixtus für den sympathischen Kaderreiter.

Standing Ovations für Ehepaar Holekamp

Ein große GruppeHengstmarktbesucher aus den USA feierten den 57. Trakehner Hengstmarkt und mit Timothy und Cheryl Holekamp die Trakehner Züchter des Jahres. Und fanden nach reiflicher Planung Gefallen an insgesamt sechs Pferden aus den Auktionskollektionen. Ein gekörter und ein nicht gekörter Hengst, eine Stute sowie drei Fohlen wurden insgesamt vier Käufern aus den USA zugeschlagen. Pamela Duffy, die in Kalifornien ihre vielseitigkeitsorientierte Sunsprite Farm betreibt, ersteigerte Infinity v. Octavio, Valenta v. Oliver Twist und Akaroa v. Hirtentanz. Orewas Suprise v. L’Elu de Dun AA ging nach Georgia und Pocahontas v. Blanc Pain ersteigerte der Präsident der ATA, Andrew Palmer. Für SKY MOON v. Sixtus erhielt Patricia Luttgen den Zuschlag. Sie wird ihn zu Boyd Martin in Ausbildung geben.

Kiranga (Millennium x Kasimir x Tambour) has a most impressive performance pedigree. All stallions in the 4th generation stand for sportic achievements at the highest level and adding his high quality dam line makes him genetically both sound and interesting. Kiranga himself, at 16.1 hands, resembles his sire. He convinces as a true Trakehner with a long lined frame, a lot of body with and attractive silhouette. Masculine and matured, totally straight in his movements this excellent walker auctioned at € 30.000.

Blues and Royals (Millennium x Münchhausen x Kostolany, 16.1 hands). A nice and solid presentation throughout brought this still young and green black beauty his licence. A distinguished noble man who moves uphill with balance, elasticity leaving a powerful footprint. Although his pedigree reads ‘dressage’ he jumped nicely. Switzerland payed € 45.000 for him.

Infinity (Octavio x Buddenbrock x Amiego) is the first approved of son of sire Octavio, who, at present 28, is still active and with that an ambassador of sternness of the Trakehner breed. Representing and continuing the old sire line of Carajan which stood for strength, show jumping power and talent. With todays focus swinging towards eventing the solid and secured qualities these old lines prove their value. Infinity is a stern youngster, an excellent galloper, with riding attributes through and through and who will certainly find a career in sports and for € 27.000 that will be in to USA.

Kublitz (Prinz K3 x Imperio x Gajus) is an interesting representant of the AA blood line over his father going back to Upan la Jahrte AA and in his solid, sporty dam line we meet the Trakehner Legend Flaneur in th 4th generation. Kubitz covers a lot of ground, has a long lined frame work, is manly and the combination of his personality an his interesting pedigree make us forgive this young bay of 16.2 hands having a flaw in his concentration at times. For € 26.000 his future lies in Denmark.

Tantalos (Oliver Twist x Herzruf x Grafenstolz) is truly a good mover not in the least passed on my his dam, the St.Pr.u.Pr.St. Tanzmuzik who, as Lars Gehrmann, so poetically stated: “By now belongs to the table silver of the Trakehner breed”. Although Tantalos is still quite green and youthful he indicates a lot of potential for his future development. This sympathetic bay of 16.3 hands radiates class and athletic capabilities. He highlighted in his free moving presentation, demonstrated his athletic potential at the jump and had a cute and inquisitive reaction towards the audience when they applauded him. For € 51.000 he will stabled in Berlin.

Sturmpfeil (Under Fire x Sixtus x Benny the Dip xx) has had a most interesting preparation for the Neumunster Stallion selection Market. He learned swimming in the Baltic Sea for example and his connection with ‘his human’ evidently needs to be there for guidance and reassurance to prevent him becoming overwhelmed otherwise. Being the tallest horse of the collection he showed a lot of talent at the jump where he managed his massive body quite cleverly. His sporty pedigree with a strong dam line and his own impressive physics, with imposing withers ooze athletic and sporty capabilities in whatever direction. He made € 17.000 at auction.

The Fabulous Four

Premium StallionKronberg (Schwarzgold x Latimer x Kentucky) is a monumental stallion, an art sculpture in the way he silhouettes against the background. He oozes presence, Trakehner beauty with a “Here it’s me and see how beautiful I am’, mannerism. As a true uphill athlete he uses his body well in all gaits, has good mechanics at the jump, riding comforts, size and an imposing frame. He stems from an old but valuable East-Prussian dam line and will be homed in Berlin for € 50.000.

Premium Stallion:Karim Doré (Perpignan Noir x Insterburg x Freudenfest, 16.1 hands) was the audience favourite from day one and truly is ‘A Golden Boy’. No one can resist him as he shines and sparkles as during the laps of honour with the roof sun light caressing his lovely chestnut coat. He has that special charisma that make him glued in ones mind. Good solid jumping, a lovely canter, movements throughout his whole body, masculine, athletic and presented in a perfect condition he will have his future in Austria for € 59.000.

Runner Up Champion

Tempelhof (ex Taryk) (Lücke x Hirtentanz x Caanitz, 16.1 hands). This wonderful bay with a pedigree destined for show jumping and eventing offers it all: a lovely face, an athletic, well proportioned body which he uses in a grandiose manner, a most correct fundament with big feet and an excellent walk and gallop with never a single irregular step. He radiates joy at performing, is very talented at the jump, won sympathy immediately from the crowd that clearly fell in love with him. Gehrmann: “He ‘combines mentality with capability”. It isn’t always easy to sell a horse without that showy trot, but it is a credit to the breeders who, in spite of the economic risks, value athletic power and jumping talents. His Runner Up Champion title is well deserved as it is for his breeder Gisela Gunia, who herself too ‘belongs to the Trakehner table silver’ for her decennia long dedication to the Trakehner horse with a special focus on jumping. Didn’t the great grandfather on the dam side, Caanitz, grace her yard in his time? Taryk moves to Hessen for € 78.000. The Champion 2019 is calledFerrari Forever and certainly did not need a Sebastian Vettel to win the race and become Champion. He did that totally on his own merits. But he did get help of the licensing committee who saw the enormous potential in this very green youngster. They spotted and appreciated his nobility, intelligence, wonderful calm disposition, behaviour and temperament, the total regularity of movements, his beauty with that special Trakehner flair. All that and his athletic potential made him the most complete stallion of the collection.

It too credits the judges that they declared him champion in spite of the fact that beforehand it was clear that he was not for sale, proving their independence and sincerity although it probably would have helped the financial position of the Verband better if the champion would get auctioned. Now this 16.2 hands grey son of Helium out of Impetus x Trocadero dam will be the star in the stable of Hans-Jorg Gasser in Austria who discovered him as a foal.