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The infant for mula shor tage

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1 ASIDE FROM breast milk, paediatricians say babies need infant formula in their first year of life. Only breast milk or infant formula can give babies the nutrition they need before their digestive systems can handle solid food.

2 Millions of American parents depend on infant formula to feed their babies, but shops in the US have not had enough formula on their shelves for months now.

The short supply has frightened parents, and some have begun to “panic buy” – those lucky enough to find formula on the shelf have been stockpiling it, making things even worse.

3 The infant formula shortage has reached a crisis point for the nation: 26 states have out-ofstock rates of 40 to 50 per cent.

Some states, like Texas, have an out-of-stock rate higher than 50 per cent. In the city of San Antonio, it is 57 per cent, according to the medical news website Web-MD.

4 Shortages of infant formula, like so many products, began to happen when the supply chain broke down because of the Covid-19 pandemic. But things got worse for American parents in February of this year when one of the US’s biggest suppliers of infant formula, Abbott, recalled some of its products and shut down its Michigan factory.

5 There are only a handful of infant formula producers in the US, and infant formula from other countries cannot be simply imported. Because of health and safety, the Federal Drug and Food Administration (FDA) has very strict rules about how infant formula can be made. Health and safety were also why the Abbott factory shut down.

6 Four infants who had been fed formula made in Abbott’s Michigan factory fell ill and two died.

It was suspected that the factory’s formula was contaminated with deadly bacteria. The FDA wanted to investigate, and in February the factory was closed.

7 But by mid-May the Michigan factory was still closed. Because so few factories produce infant formula in the US, closing one of them led to a dangerous lack of supply.

8 Now the federal government

has made plans to end the infant formula supply problem. The FDA and Abbott have reached an agreement on what the company needs to do so it can open its factory again. President Biden said the government will allow more companies in the US to make infant formula and will let more be imported from other countries.

9 Some Republicans have criticised the Biden administration for not doing something earlier.

Cathy McMorris Rogers, a Republican congresswoman from Washington said: “This is a matter of life or death.”

10 Even if production of infant formula is increased now, shortages are expected for the rest of 2022, Murray Kessler told Reuters. Kessler is the chief executive of another infant formula maker, Perrigo, which has increased its production of infant formula by running two of its factories at 115 per cent. 11 In the meantime, retailers have taken steps to give as many people as possible a chance to buy the infant formula they need.

12 To stop people from stockpiling, several major retailers, including Walgreens and CVS, are limiting the amount of baby formula sold in one purchase to three units, both in shops and online. But not everyone has stockpiling in mind.

13 After weeks of searching, Kelly McHenry finally found formula, but she's not keeping it all to herself. “I’m gonna post to see if another mom needs this type of formula. We gotta help each other out”, she told CBS news.

0 – 1 INFANT FORMULA “In"f´nt; fO…mj´l´‘ Säuglingsnahrung (i. Säugling, f. Milchpulver) — shortage “"SO…tIdZ‘ Mangel — short supply “s´"plaI‘ Engpass — aside from neben — breast milk “brest mIlk‘ Muttermilch — paediatrician “Æpi…di´"trIS´n‘ Kinderarzt(-ärztin) — nutrition “nju…"trIS´n‘ Nährstoffe — digestive “daI"dZestIv‘ Verdauungs- — to handle h.: verarbeiten — solid food “"sÅlId‘ feste Nahrung

2 – 3 to depend on s.th. auf etw. angewiesen sein — to feed füttern — to frighten s.o. “"fraIt´n‘ jdn. in Angst versetzen — to stockpile Vorräte anlegen — to reach a crisis point “ri…tS‘ (fig) sich dramatisch zuspitzen — out-of-stock rate Fehlmengenquote (Anteil nicht verfügbarer Produkte) — according to laut

4 – 5 supply chain Lieferkette — to break down zusammenbrechen — supplier “s´"plaI´‘ Anbieter — to recall zurückrufen — to shut s.th. down etw. schließen — producer Hersteller — health “helT‘ Gesundheit — safety Sicherheit — Federal Drug and Food Administration “"fed´r´l ´dÆmInI"streIS´n‘ Lebensmittelkontroll- und Arzneimittelbehörde der USA (federal Bundes) — rule Vorschrift

6 – 7 to fall ill krank werden — to suspect “s´"spekt‘ vermuten — contaminated “k´n"tœmIneItId‘ verunreinigt — bacteria “bœk"tI´ri´‘ Bakterien — to investigate “In"vestIgeIt‘ untersuchen — to lead to s.th. zu etw. führen — lack of supply Versorgungsengpass

8 – 10 federal government US-Regierung — to reach an agreement eine Einigung erzielen — to allow “´"laU‘ erlauben — administration Regierung — Congresswoman Kongressabgeordnete — to increase “In"kri…s‘ steigern — to expect erwarten — chief executive “tSi…f Ig"zekj´tIv‘ Geschäftsführer(in) to run betreiben

11 – 13 in the meantime unterdessen — retailer Einzelhändler — to take steps Maßnahmen ergreifen — major “"meIdZ´‘ groß — to limit beschränken — amount Menge — purchase “"p‰…tS´s‘ Kauf — unit Stück — to have s.th. in mind (fig) etw. im Sinn haben — gotta = (have) got to (coll) — to help each other out sich untereinander helfen

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