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“You can make your kindness work for you”

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Why aren’t there more nice people at the top of organizations? One obvious reason is simply that squaring kindness with ambition is tricky. Both characteristics are important, and they can, of course, coexist. But most of us tend to emphasize one characteristic at the expense of the other.

Those of us who are skewed towards ambition move up — because we ...

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... want it more. And those of us who put more value on kindness get stuck because we struggle with the dilemma of how to stay kind and still have a great career.

If you are kind and ambitious, you do not have to choose. You can leverage your kindness — in other words, make it work for you. Being strong on kindness means you are strong with people. And the thing about robust relationships is that they can withstand a bit of strain.

Many kind people shy away from any action that could be construed as an attempt to exploit their relationships. They don’t ask for help or request support. They are so keen on giving to others that they lose sight of the fact that taking can also be OK.

If you really are kind and good with people, you will find that those people respond positively when you ask them to do something for you. This might be giving you advice on how to deal with the notoriously difficult head of marketing or on how best to place your message with the management board. Or it might mean setting up a meeting for you with someone from their network.


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Like most things in life, kindness is a habit that gets easier with practice. So, before you jump into leveraging your kindness, you could start by simply (but consistently) showing it. In other words, forget about what kindness can do for you and just focus on the kind acts themselves.

For example, why not say hello to a stranger? If you see a job well done, say so. And when someone is down, help them get up. Karma and the universe will make sure you are rewarded in the end. As Lennon and McCartney put it so poetically in their song “The End”: “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”