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Lesen Sie was die Redaktion in dieser Spotlight Ausgabe 10/2016 vom 28.09.2016 schreibt:

What makes a good European?

At the age of 16, I was asked by one of my teachers to take part in a competition that was organized for schools by the Council of Europe. My task was to write an essay on the topic: How to be a good European. Now, almost 40 years later, I cannot recall a single sentence of that essay, but I do remember long days at my desk surrounded by grubby scraps of paper as I tried to compose my thoughts on the subject.
Given the same task today, I would simply have referred my readers to Neil MacGregor. The British art historian and former director of the British Museum is currently chairman of an advisory board for the Humboldt For um in Berlin. MacGregor is fascinated by every aspect of European culture, but he has a special affinity with Germany, as he showed in the exhibition Germany — Memories of a Nation at the British Museum in 2014. Find out what he has to say about Germany and the Germans in our Society story that begins on page 18.
This year marks the 35th anniversary of the founding of Spotlight Verlag. For the past three and a half decades, we have been bringing you every month the languages and cultures of the English, French, Italian, Spanish and — most recently — the German-speaking world. To mark this anniversary, we’ll be offering quizzes, learning tips, competitions and special deals. Find out more on page 13 or by going toäum

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