DNA is destiny

Spotlight - epaper ⋅ Ausgabe 3/2019 vom 20.02.2019 ⋅ Seiten 70-71 ⋅ Lesedauer ca. 5 Min.

DNA is destiny

Technologische Neuerungen erleichtern uns zunehmend das Leben – solange wir freizügig mit unseren persönlichen Daten umgehen. Wie viel über uns wollen wir aber preisgeben? Von C.W. HOF

Melina signed her name at the bottom of the contract. Inwardly, though, she balked. The chip in her hand was supposed to be a simple arrangement. She’d be able to use it to pay for certain things. It sounded easy enough. So why, she wondered, did she have to attend a BEK talk on “collective consciousness” as one of the terms of her user contract?

The BEK series — short for “Better Experience through Knowledge” — was immensely popular.

The top tech minds in Boston started it after the Great Earthquake of ’78 that destroyed California’s megacities, killing many great innovators. One of the sponsors of the lecture series was Rice Implants, the maker of the expensive new chip in her hand.

“Ms. Wells?” A young man in a T-shirt announcing “BEKome your best self” stopped Melina on her way out of the electronics shop.

“I see you signed up for the BEK talks,” he said.

Melina eyed him. He ...

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