EVERYDAY ENGLISH: At an art exhibition

Spotlight - epaper ⋅ Ausgabe 5/2019 vom 10.04.2019 ⋅ Seiten 54-55 ⋅ Lesedauer ca. 4 Min.

EVERYDAY ENGLISH: At an art exhibition

DAGMAR TAYLOR presents four dialogues about visiting an art exhibition. Read them and try the exercises.

1. Going to see Van Gogh
Emma and her partner, Rob, are talking about an exhibition they intend to visit.

Emma: It’s calledVan Gogh and Britain ? I had no idea Van
had anything to do with Britain. He was French, wasn’t he?
Rob: No. He was Dutch.
Emma: Oh, yeah, of course.
Rob:It says here that he was greatly inspired by British architecture, literature, culture and art during the time he spent in London. And apparently, this is the largest group of Van Gogh paintings to be shown in the UK for nearly a decade.
Emma: I’m really looking forward to seeing his paintings. And I love going to theTate Modern . Thegift shop is amazing.
Rob: I know. Listen, our tickets ...

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