IRELAND IN GERMANY: St Patrick’s on the Isar

Spotlight - epaper ⋅ Ausgabe 3/2019 vom 20.02.2019 ⋅ Seiten 36-39 ⋅ Lesedauer ca. 6 Min.

IRELAND IN GERMANY: St Patrick’s on the Isar

Expats und Einheimische bereiten sich auf die zweitägigen Feierlichkeiten des St Patrick’s Festival in München vor, mit dem im März die irische Kultur gefeiert wird. Von GREG LANGLEY


Bagpipers at the Siegestor in Munich during last year’s St Patrick’s Day parade

There’s a single pint of Guinness sitting on an Augustiner-Bräu stand in the heart of Munich. It seems lonely and sadly out of place in a city known for its love of locally brewed Helles and Weißbier — until you realize that the bustle going on around it is in preparation for St Patrick’s Day.

Niall McCorley, an Irish expat, shuffles over and takes a long pull from the pint. He smacks his lips. “It’ll tide me over until the celebration starts, ” he explains, before turning back to setting up the benches and tables in front of him.

It is a mystery how a fifth-century Romano-British missionary to Ireland has become such a global phenomenon. St Patrick is said to have banished snakes from the Emerald Isle and used the shamrock, with its three leaves, to explain the idea of a single God in ...

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