SHORT STORY : The last stop

Spotlight - epaper ⋅ Ausgabe 4/2019 vom 20.03.2019 ⋅ Seiten 70-71 ⋅ Lesedauer ca. 5 Min.

SHORT STORY : The last stop

Ein junger Mann ist enttäuscht von seinem Leben, bis ihm jemand eine neue Perspektive gibt

Keep the change,” said the man, as he gave Devon a $20 note. The fare on the meter was $19.70. That left Devon with a 30 cent tip. “Great! Thanks,” he said sarcastically, as the man got out of his taxicab at the most expensive hotel in SoHo.

Devon had taken a job as a taxi driver in Manhattan because this was where the richest New Yorkers lived. He thought he’d make bigger tips here, but he soon learned that rich people don’t get rich by giving their money away. They were often the meanest of people. And yet, he wanted to be one of them — more than anything.

It was this dream that had motivated him to come to New York in the first place, not only to be rich, but to be famous and successful, known the world over as a great songwriter. He had been writing songs since he’d started playing his first musical instrument at the age of eight. But he hadn’t written anything in months.

He knew great art often came from great misery, but this wasn’t the case for him. He’d ...

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