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The Rotors of the Pelikan
Ausgabe 1/2018 vom 01.03.2018
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Mit diesem Editorial leitet der/die Herausgeber/in oder die Chefredaktion der Zeitschrift 4Rotors - epaper die aktuelle Ausgabe 1/2018 ein. Hier erfahren Sie, welche Artikel besonders lesenswert sind oder woher die Anregungen dazu kamen.

Dear Members and Readers!

When, at the beginning of the eighties, EHA was created, there were very few National Helicopter Associations in Europe, and the operators were subject to the rules set by the respective Civil Aeronautical Authorities. The type certifi cates were driven by national rules and bilateral agreements with the FAA. Only the UK CAA had specifi c certifi cation requirements with the consequent need to perform modifi cations on the aircrafts when designed in accordance with FAA specs. Rules about operations, maintenance, pilot and engineers licenses were also the responsibility of each National Aviation Authority. At the beginning of the seventies, the European governments decided to create the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA). The main objective was to have a European Certifi cation authority mainly tasked to certify the Airbus A300, the fi rst widebody designed and produced in Europe with fi rst delivery in 1974. It was only in 1987 that the JAA started to produce regulations for Operations, Maintenance, Licences, and design standards for other type of aircrafts. However, those regulations were only recommendations and not mandatory for the Member States. With the creation of EASA in 2002, the EU Regulations are now law for all Member States.

I made this introduction, fi rst of all, because it is good to remember our history and where we are coming from, and second because it is easier to understand the fi xed-wing origin of the regulations. It is therefore important that both EASA and the helicopter industry continue working on the adaptation of the regulations to the unique operation’s scheme of the helicopters. Moreover, it is a fact that some operators and countries have still some diffi culties in accepting that we all have to work with the same European standards, even if some peculiarities, and this should be taken into due account.

Every day we have to face new challenges and with the Brexit negotiations on the table, the threat for the European aviation industry is not at all negligible. The EU, through EASA, is obviously playing a signifi cant role in the management of the aviation safety of all Member States, including the UK, of course. In accordance with the Basic Regulation we, the operators, are complying with the safety rules referred to operations, maintenance, airworthiness, fl ight crew licenses, and other aspects.

But what will be the scenario for UK operators, and for the non-UK operators fl ying in the UK? I hope that common sense and pragmatism will be guiding the negotiators of both parties. If the Brexit has no way back, at least the collateral eff ects should be minimized. The UK will be considered as a third country, the mutual recognition of certifi cates and approvals will cease, and UK will not be any more a member of EASA. Although I understand that the UK will have to rebuild its authority capacity, a bilateral mechanism for aviation safety will need to be established, so for the UK to negotiate its participation on similar terms to those of for example Norway, Iceland or Switzerland. If this will succeed, the EU existing regulatory environment could be applied in the UK and the fi nal outcome will not have a major eff ect on the operators. I hope that´s what is going to happen.

I want to fi nish this editorial by informing that with eff ect May 1st, a new EHA Chairman will take offi ce. Elections will take place in April so the name is not known yet but I expect my successor to work with the same enthusiasm that I had and I am confi dent that he/she will be able to support the Operators in fi nding the best solutions to the challenges head. After more than 40 years as a professional, almost all of them spent in the helicopter industry, I have made many friends and I want to say that it has been a real pleasure to be a member of the helicopter world to which I will always feel close to. See you around and don´t forget to fl y safely!!

Jaime Arqué EHA Chairman
Mit diesem Editorial leitet der/die Herausgeber/in oder die Chefredaktion der Zeitschrift 4Rotors - epaper die aktuelle Ausgabe 1/2018 ein. Hier erfahren Sie, welche Artikel besonders lesenswert sind oder woher die Anregungen dazu kamen. …
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