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Coziness for inside and outside with home magazines and garden magazines

The art of beautiful living is multi-facetted. Equal to a sophisticated and stylistically confi-dent interior decorator, home magazines including their numerous ideas and valuable tips are at your disposal when you need to know about the newest living trends, chic design-er-furniture or even exquisite accessories. Along with a tasteful interior, garden magazines direct one’s professional attention to appealing exteriors such as balconies, terraces & co.

Shop just the way you’d like: Maybe it’s just a special living and gardening topic that’s got your attention right now and is currently being dealt with in one of numerous home and garden magazines. No problem whatsoever; here’s where you can leaf through the re-spective magazine free of charge; you only buy the relevant article or even just one page. Occasionally however, it’s worth buying the entire garden or home magazine at a minor extra cost. With a subscription, you’ll stay on top of the newest trends and should you never get tired of reading, we recommend an economical flat rate, in which various magazines are ordered in an overall package.

Read just the way you’d like: Do you belong to those magazine readers who love hearing the sound of turning pages? If yes, we recommend purchasing the garden and home magazines in their printed versions. Should you be on the go a lot, you can of course take your preferred magazine along as a digital issue, either as an epaper, on the web or in the App.

Conjure up smart homes with home magazines

The wish to artistically design one’s own four walls and make it livable and comfy depends on the domicile you live in; whether it’s a villa, penthouse, and apartment or singe family home. The smallest living space can be turned into a castle, if the necessary expertise for interior decorating is revealed. Home magazines offer an extensive selection of ideas and lack nothing in reference to professional tips and tricks, for example, when creating impressive lighting concepts, optimal space utilization or the appropriate color design.

Often, home magazines and their brilliant photo reports take you away to far away regions and foreign countries, where they acquaint you with magical and inspiring domiciles. Last but not least, you can read your way through related subject areas such as architecture and art and provided with valuable addresses of suppliers, manufacturers and purchasing opportunities.

Transform your open air living areas with garden magazines

Particularly free and imaginatively, you can develop your creativity within your open air living areas. Garden magazines not only provide fantastic ideas on how to furnish balconies, gardens and patios in an original, cozy and tasteful manner. They also provide fundamental knowledge about how to set up colorful flowerbeds, build an aromatic herb garden or create a dreamy garden pond and subsequently take care and maintain those achievements.

Garden magazines offer round-year advice covering topics such as how to protect your plants from parasites, when it’s time to repot and where you can order seeds. Hobby gardeners - from amateur to pro will continuously find numerous valuable tips and tricks.

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