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With more than 10,000 subscriptions, magazines, newpapers and periodicals that fit to your hobby or profession and from all four corners of the earth are awaiting you at top terms. You have the free choice, whether you’d rather read your favorite magazine as an ePaper in your browser, on your iPad or on a different tablet or Smartphone or simply as a print subscription. You can trust We keep you secure during online purchases, we take data protection serious and offer you personal customer service. More

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Over 10,000 magazines and newspapers in subscriptions

On, you select your favorite subscription from an array of numerous magazines. You’ll find your favorite magazine in one of the kiosks or directly in the search box. Not only can find your beloved titles by searching by the magazines and newspapers names, you can also use your own personal key words and interests and thus, also discover brand new magazines. Discover the headlines of the day in the newsticker on the start page or visit the kiosk for gift subscriptions and find the exact offer you’ve been looking for. Choose between different subscription durations and decide whether you’d prefer a printed issue or an ePaper.

You’ll have around 1,500 ePapers and eSubscriptions in one hand

The number of renowned magazines and newspapers available as ePapers and eSubscriptions are increasing, newcomers are no longer offering print-versions. The digital issue and the classic, printed issue are identical in content; as an ePaper-reader you miss out on nothing! A few publishing houses have expanded their ePaper offer with additional multi-media data such as videos, podcasts or picture galleries. To read digital magazines and newspapers means consciously saving resources, less burdening of your budget and having access to your favorite titles wherever and whenever you’d like. When reading ePapers that you’ve purchased from, you profit from the absolute reading freedom. Stream it directly in the web-library that is optimized for mobile devices, download the ePaper to your PC and store it as a PDF-file or use the Apps that are available for iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphone or Tablet and Amazon Kindle Fire. By the way: ePaper can be sent as a gift; all you need is the gift recipient’s e-mail address.

International Press: Newspapers und Magazines from all over the World

Read once around the world in international newspapers and magazines. Discover the international press in all of the world’s languages and from every country: To read international newspapers helps to better understand the modern, globalized political and business worlds, keep an eye on what’s going on in the world and to view something from a different standpoint or aspect. International trade press is also welcome, to read about impulses and ideas from global players and start-ups around the world. When learning a language, the international press is not only ideal to practice a foreign language, it also helps understand the culture and current developments in that country.

Trade Magazines for Vocational Training, Studies or on the Job

If you work in a retail store such as Aldi, REWE and Co. or as an office administrator, sales associate, car mechanic or industrial manager resp. carrying out your apprenticeship there, that means you are in one of the top five apprentice trades in Germany, in this case, we are referring to the male employees. Females prefer the positions of office administrator, doctor’s assistants or medical assistants. In each case, on, you’ll find the right trade trade magazine for your profession or area of trade. And for students, (almost) all fields of studies have their own magazines. Trade magazines often have attractive special conditions for trainees, pupils and students.

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