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Discover Helpful Parenting Magazines and Animal Magazines

As parents, you only want the very best for your children and as a pet owner; of course you hope that your furry, feather or scaled friend is happy. To make sure that happiness doesn’t go out the window, you have advice at your fingertips from the best parenting magazines and animal magazines.

Shop just the way you’d like: Are you looking for help concerning a certain topic? We recommend that you buy single pages or articles: Simply leaf through the entire magazine for free and pay only for those pages that are of particular interest to you. For just a few cents more, you can also actually purchase the entire parenting or animal magazine here. If you’d like to keep up with everything about food, care and more for your pet and surprise your family with new ideas, we recommend a subscription - and for power readers - an entire bundle of magazines in one flat rate.

Read just the way you’d like: As a petowner or as a parent, who is always on the go and that’s why many parenting magazines and animal magazines are available to accompany you through your day: Either as a printed issue for quiet hours or as an epaper that you can access from anywhere. Download your epaper to your PC as a PDF, read it directly on the web or on the go via the App.

Animal Magazines for Animal Friends with Two, Four & More Feet

Dogs, birds, lizards, cats, horses, snakes, spiders, fish,... which animal friend lives in your home? Here’s where you’ll find the right magazine for each of them and much more. Most of the animal magazines are specialized for one type of animal - however, there are magazines available that are meant for animal lovers in general and report about the most different types of domestic and wild animals.

Animal magazines are read by breeders and owners, specifically for the independent product tests, the elaborate and richly-illustrated coverage and numerous tips concerning pets’ health and well-being. Depending on the type of animal, the magazine is also a guidebook for raising animals and offers product test results for accessories and feed.

Parenting Magazines for Babies, Toddlers, School Kids, Teens, ...

Every phase in a growing person’s life is unique and as your child gets older, parents’ responsibilities and challenges begin to change. Parenting magazines are often oriented to a child’s age or certain stage of life.

Parenting magazines are experienced guidebooks that include practical solution approaches, creative crafts partner with new ideas, colorful play crates and much more. Particularly popular are the numerous special editions of various magazines, for example, with ideas for children’s birthdays, Christmas or Eastern holidays, special health tips for kids and adolescents as well as product tests for everything a parent’s heart desires.

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