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Suspense on Different Levels with Dime Novels or Puzzle Magazines

Barely any other medium offers a more entertaining, varied diversion than a good old puzzle magazine or suspenseful dime novel. Relaxation takes place on totally different levels: Should you want to bring your grey cells up to speed while solving a manifold of brain twisters, you can in turn, relax while reading about the exciting and dramatic adventures of your dime novels’ heroes and heroines.

Shop just the way you’d like: Should you, for example, prefer classic crossword puzzles or certain western heroes, than simply buy the pages of the respective magazine you’re interested in. It’s not much more expensive to purchase all of the puzzle fun or reading pleasure found throughout the entire magazine. In turn, a subscription is worth it, if you can’t get enough of tricky tasks or illustrious heroic deeds. With a low-budget flat rate, you can order an entire bundle of magazines.

Read just the way you’d like: You not only have the choice between puzzle magazines and dime novels, but also between epapers and printed issues. In digital form and via the App, conveniently take along your compact favorite reading material. It can also be enjoyed directly on the PC on the web or as a PDF-file. Perhaps you’d prefer to hold a classic printed version in your hands during cozy reading time or sharpwitted brain twisters. It’s completely up to you.

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