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The Entire TV Program in Your TV Magazine

TV Magazines give you an overview of the TV program, so that you always know which show is running when and where. A TV magazine also contains detailed information about individual genres and specifically points out special programs of interest.

Shop just the way you’d like: If you’d like to try out a new TV magazine or you’d only like to receive a TV program overview for a certain amount of time, then buying single issues could be an option. However, if you’d like having all the details for films currently being shown, series and different types of entertainment formats, we certainly recommend subscribing to your favorite TV magazine. Are you interested in just one certain category or page of a TV magazine? That’s no problem whatsoever: By purchasing single pages and individual topics, you can specifically select the content you’d like to read.

Read just the way you’d like: In the past few years, television has experienced immense, further development, and in the meantime, it provides numerous digital offers. You can also enjoy your TV magazine in digital format. Simply download your TV magazine as a PDF-file to your PC or read it on your mobile device via the practical App or on the web. Should you prefer reading from paper, you can, of course, decide to purchase your favorite magazine as a printed issue.

Always Know What’s Running

Nowadays, the selection of television channels is bigger and more diverse than it’s ever been. That’s why it’s so important to maintain an overview. Your TV magazine presents the daily television program in a particularly detailed format; making sure you’re always informed as to which show is running on which channel at what time, and which channel will be broadcasting an informative documentary, the new blockbuster, the next important soccer game or your favorite series. You’ll also learn interesting details about the show’s background and its stars or hosts.

Are there so many shows offered on TV that you can’t decide what you want to watch? This is when your TV magazine can help out! Recommendations and ratings about the individual formats show you which shows are worth watching; so that you’ll never miss another TV-highlight.

Always Perfectly Informed - Not Only About the Television Program!

The close connection between TV and cinema is, to an extent, obvious. Many of the movies now airing on TV were previously shown in cinemas - and the current cinema movies are the future blockbuster TV films. This makes it ever so much more normal that your TV magazine provides you with all the details about the newest cinema films as well as bringing you up close and personal with famous directors and actors in interviews and glances behind the scenes.

But that’s not all: Many TV magazines offer their readers interesting articles that have nothing to do with the world of television. Regardless whether it’s about stimulating coverage about health topics, tasty recipes, puzzles for commercial breaks or fashion tips – with your TV magazine, it’s never going to get boring!

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