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Erotic Phothgraphy - Naked men and playful woman
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Mit diesem Editorial leitet der/die Herausgeber/in oder die Chefredaktion der Zeitschrift Séparée English Edition - epaper die aktuelle Ausgabe 1/2017 ein. Hier erfahren Sie, welche Artikel besonders lesenswert sind oder woher die Anregungen dazu kamen.

Love, lust, legs and all

Four years ago, Ute and I sat together in a shady outdoor pub in Berlin musing about some of the more subtle inequalities between women and men. For one, it had angered us for years that we couldn’t find a quality erotic magazine for women when there are naked women adorning more than enough men’s magazines, along with seemingly every other advertising billboard. We were also tired of the continuous cycle of never-ending self-blaming tips on the “Ten Things to Make Him Happy in Bed” or self-improvement advice on how to enjoy a better lovelife after pregnancy that traditional women magazines try to pass off as normality in contrast to the James Bond-like saviors of the world, skinny girls, and penis jokes their male counterparts serve up. We wanted to see real naked men and read about female sexuality.

After getting my life-long friend and art director Antje on board, we were ready to take off into unchartered territory. Little did we know what lay ahead! But the overwhelmingly positive responses from those we shared our ideas with helped us time and again not to be discouraged by rejections from start-up accelerators and banks reluctant to trust us with big budgets, or established media that deemed female subject matter as “commercially unviable”. What we are doing – publishing an erotic magazine for (straight) women – was considered special interest for a limited audience! Even if we calculated the numbers conservatively, there had to be more potential readers than, for example, for a magazine for Alpine hiking aficionados or rabbit breeders. But in many ways, female sexuality is still viewed at best as something exotic, if not an abnormality – not to be overly enjoyed and talked about. We are shattering that ceiling!

Fast forward to 2017. The world has changed in ways we could not have predicted since that balmy August night in Berlin four years ago. Misogony is a word that has trumped its way back into our active vocabulary. Séparée does not take a political stance or is a feminist publication by intention. But I guess the mere fact that we put forward a female perspective gives us a political edge.

After three years of publishing Séparée in German, yet another lesson has risen to the top: (straight) women enjoy love, lust, and men’s hairy legs in their own ways. We have met many courageous, smart, witty women who have taken similar paths making female porn, writing and publishing erotica for women, opening erotic boutiques, or designing stunningly artistic love toys. We have received e-mails and phone calls from women who have learned or are learning to communicate their sexual needs and turn their erotic fantasies into reality. And somewhat surprisingly, many men have seized this opportunity to learn more about some of women’s steamy secrets. Séparée is finally going global. We hope to reach out to women and men around the world and look forward to sharing intimate insights across cultures. This is not only an invitation to you to sit down and enjoy this magazine, but also to share your views and desires, photographs, and stories on eroticism, sex, and all the rest with us.

Janina & Ute
Mit diesem Editorial leitet der/die Herausgeber/in oder die Chefredaktion der Zeitschrift Séparée English Edition - epaper die aktuelle Ausgabe 1/2017 ein. Hier erfahren Sie, welche Artikel besonders lesenswert sind oder woher die Anregungen dazu kamen. …
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