Gutscheine einlösen & epaper im Abo mit Rabatt kaufen

The Universal Coupon Code for Digital Subscriptions with a Discount: UNITED

With a coupon, you can purchase all magazines and newspapers from this kiosk as epapers subscriptions with up to a 50% discount. Simply click on the cover of the magazine or newspaper that interests you and use the coupon code UNITED to activate the discounted eSubscription.

Please note: The publishing houses only activate these coupons for a brief period of time - make sure you take advantage of the discount for your favorite magazine. Or use the coupons to give away eSubscriptions as a gift: simply enter the coupon code UNITED and then select the option “I’m ordering as a gift”. more

Coupons for eSubscriptions to Keep and Give Away

The coupon code UNITED can be used to purchase all magazines and newspapers offered in this kiosk as discounted subscriptions. Those magazines selected as eSubscriptions and newspapers selected as eSubscriptions, for which the coupon UNITED has been used, can alternately change. It’s always worth stopping by and browsing for coupons.

All eSubscriptions purchased with a discount, end automatically. That’s why they’re such a terrific gift: You’d like to redeem a coupon for a digital subscription? Go ahead and use the coupon to order a gift for a third party. To do so, simply select the magazine or newspaper in the kiosk for coupons, you’d like to give away, click on the cover and enter the coupon code UNITED. During the ordering process you can select the option "I’m ordering as a gift for a third party.", and enter the gift recipient’s e-mail address.

Coupons for Digital Subscriptions with up to a 50% Discount

Redeem the coupon code UNITED and take advantage of up to 50% discounts on digital subscriptions. By clicking on a magazine or newspaper, all offer options will be listed; for example, single issues, subscriptions or subscriptions with other terms as well as a field to enter coupons. Enter the code UNITED and then click on "Redeem Now". On the next page you’ll see how much the discounted eSubscription still costs and how high the coupon’s discount is.

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