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Landlust subscription
Aktuelles Titelbild von Landlust subscription. Entdecken Sie jetzt die Ausgabe 1/2019. Lesen Sie gerne Gardening and Home Magazines? Dann empfehlen wir Ihnen Landlust subscription als Abo oder Geschenkabo.
Die schönsten Seiten des Landlebens
20 € Hessnatur Gutschein

For You and Your Loved Ones: Newspapers and Magazines in Sub-scription

Do you love magazines, epapers, gazettes, journals, newspapers, eMags, glossy magazines, pages or booklets? If so, we welcome you to your kiosk. You’ll find over 30,000 different magazines and newspapers - that’s five times more than you’ll find at an average train station kiosk. You’ll most certainly find the magazine (subscription) that you’ve always searched for!

A magazine in subscription means recurring and almost always new reading enjoyment - either for you or as a gift subscription for a loved one. Most of the subscriptions of print-ed magazines usually run for at least one year. There are also magazines and newspapers that are orderable and only run for three or six months. Keep an eye out for specials deals: In some cases, magazines and newspapers subscriptions are available to students and other trainees at a special rate.

Should you rather make a loved one or friend happy, we recommend giving them a gift subscription: This ensures that a little gift will continually land in their mailbox; a gift containing exciting articles and covering exactly those topics of interest to the recipient. By the way: Should you order a gift subscription, we’ll send you a free gift subscription certificate that you can print out and personally hand over to the recipient.

One more brief tip: If you’re not sure which magazine or newspaper you’d like to subscribe to, we’d like to recommend our search to you: Not only can you search according to certain names, but also for your favorite topic. Discover our most popular Theme-Kiosks

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