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Plan Cleverly & Aesthetically with Architectural and Building Magazines.

An architectural magazine includes expert articles about the topics of architecture and pre-sents. A building magazine specifically covers the building projects’ implementation and renders information about the newest building construction innovations.

Shop just the way you’d like: If you are professionally connected to architecture and building construction and you would like to keep up with the most current architectural trends, you should then quickly sign up for a subscription to an architecture or building magazine. A student subscription is available for architecture students or trainees in con-struction. If you’re only looking for an occasional inspiration or you’re not quite sure which magazine fits your needs, you can take advantage of the available single issues. Should a magazine interest you, only based on a certain expert article or report, then the purchase of a single page would be the perfect solution for you.

Read just the way you’d like: Does your career have you on the go and would you like to take your building magazine or your architectural magazine along? With the digital issue of your trade magazine, it’s easy to read it on the web, as a PDF-file or in the App on your mobile device! You find reading on a display rather strenuous and you’d prefer to view the images of magnificent structures on paper? We then invite you to take advantage of those architecture and building magazines that are available in classic print.

Helpful Guidebook for all Construction Projects

From the planning over implementation, regardless of the type of project, successful con-struction projects require a great measure of expertise and organizational talent. Your architecture magazine and your building magazine are reliable Guidebooks along the path of project completion; no matter whether your project deals with building a single family house, the renovation of a large building complex or a small construction project in your garden.

Numerous people are involved in the implementation of a building project. Therefore, the readership of architecture and building magazines not only includes architects and project supervisors, but painters, electricians, heating engineers, sanitary installers as well as all those people involved in the realization of a construction project or those interested in architecture or building construction.

Everything for a Beautiful Home

On the one hand, architecture magazines and building magazines help during the imple-mentation of building projects, and on the other hand, they lend inspiration and trigger one’s own ideas. To do so, they show readers impressing pictures of imposing structures from all over the world and report about the newest international building trends.

Many architecture and building magazines are not only engaged with building houses, but instead they also are involved with everything that makes a house a home. They include creative ideas for both interior and exterior decorating, give tips about sustainable living and let you in on how you can, with the help of wall colors and textiles, turn your four walls into a true wellness oasis.

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