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Recipes for any occasion and every taste in your cooking magazine or baking magazine

The secret of always serving diverse and tasty foods, sophisticated menus and delicious pies and cakes for the most different occasions, lies in the ownership of pertinent baking and cooking magazines. Here’s where you’ll find countless recipes that will fit your taste, detailed instructions as well as valuable tips and tricks.

Shop just the way you’d like: Every baking and cooking magazine puts forward the most diverse delicacies. If you’re currently specializing in certain flavors; you can leaf through the respective magazines free of charge and only buy a page that’s relevant for you. Should the array of treats be too much for you, simply buy the entire magazine for just an extra small amount. Would you like to advance to being a true kitchen chef? We then recommend ordering an economical subscription or a flat rate that covers several magazines all at once.

Read just the way you’d like: The possibilities are as versatile as the recipes themselves. You can download your cooking and baking magazines as epapers to your PC (as PDFs) ore read it directly on the web, whereas you always have your cooking magazine with you in the App. Perhaps you’d rather prove your cooking skills using a hardcopy issue.

Let your Cooking Magazine turn you into a Master Chef

A cooking magazine not only provides you with the necessary know-how for fine specialties, but instead and amongst other things, it reveals proven quick kitchen recipes, when you’d like to conjure up something tasty for your dining guests. The repertoire of a first-class cooking magazine covers regional and exotic delicacies as well as seasonal highlights and ranges from temptingly sweet to heartily savory and includes the appropriate beverage recommendations. Easy to follow instructions - often including illustrative examples - will lead you, step by step, to a certain cooking success. Numerous suggestions for an invitingly set table or the professional storage of foodstuffs render inspiration on completely other levels.

Get yourself ready for your journey through the diverse areas of cooking, such as, grilling and barbecues, country and healthy cuisine, slow-food and vegetarian pleasures. Your dining table - whenever you set it - will certainly never be boring.

Cakes, Pies, Cookies & Co. are always Fresh from your Baking Magazine

What is more tempting than the smell of freshly baked goods fresh from the oven? Based on the respective season, your baking magazine will present the very best recipes to spoil your family and friends. And what is better than a home-baked pie or tasty cake at the coffee table? Your imagination is unlimited when ingredients such as selected fruits, nuts, marzipan, chocolate, cream or butter cream come into play.

Learn about the versatile and multifacetted art of baking with selected baking magazines of your choice, where each recipe is easily and vividly explained. This enables you not only to make delicious cupcakes and muffins, but sophisticated and exquisite desserts as well. Besides numerous recipes, a baking magazine provides wonderful and unusual decoration ideas that for example are especially adjusted to the holidays or festive occasions.

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