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For All Areas and Materials - Your Craft and Industry Magazines

An industry magazine or craft magazine shows you the newest innovations from the fields of manufacturing and craftsmanship, and helps you efficiently organize your business. In this case, they address young professionals as well as master craftspeople and managers.

Shop just the way you’d like: Many industry and craft magazines are available as single issues. For experts in the areas of industry and crafts, and those waiting to become one; we recommend that you select a subscription that will enable you to stay informed about the developments in your branch of industry. It’s even available as a costsaving student subscription. If you’d like to read a certain expert article, but you’re not particularly interested in the associated industry magazine, this solution could be suitable for you: Simply buy the pages that the respective article is found on, and just read what you’re really interested in.

Read just the way you’d like: As a craftsman, you have a lot on your plate and when you leave the house, you don’t want to have to think about taking your magazine along with you. With the digital epaper issue, you’ll have your industry magazine as well as your crafts magazine on your laptop, cell phone or tablet at all times; or your can conveniently read the expert articles in the App or on the web. Of course, you also have the option of selecting the print issue, so that you can leaf through the single pages of your industry or crafts magazine.

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