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Make Better Decisions and be Better Advised with your Legal Periodicals and Administration Magazines

A legal periodical contains articles concerning various legal subjects and renders information covering current court rulings and amendments. An administration magazine also deals with the state as well as federal administrations.

Shop just the way you’d like: You’d always like to immediately learn about amendments in the legal system and administration? If so, a subscription of a legal periodical or administrative magazine would be just perfect for you. As a student, you even have the option of receiving your trade magazine with a student subscription, at an especially economic price. You’d only like to read that article about a certain court ruling? That’s no problem whatsoever; simply purchase the single page or the single issue! In addition, your legal periodical or your administration magazine is, of course, available as a single issue.

Read just the way you’d like: If you prefer to read from paper, we recommend that you select the print issues of your legal periodical or administration magazines. However, should leafing through the pages of the statute books and administrative laws on a daily basis suffice, then a great alternative would be the digital issue of your trade magazine that you can read in the App or on the web or even download the PDF-file.

Be Best-Informed in All Areas

The offer on legal trade magazines is widely ranged and is oriented towards those persons, such as attorneys, judges, students or economists, who work with the legal system. The magazines’ diverse contents cover practically all legal fields and deal with, amongst other things, labor law, commercial law, social law and criminal law.

Administration magazines are particularly tailored to the needs of administration employees and administration scientists. These cover, for example, local law, the school administration and the field of administration management.

All Relevant News at a Glance

Nowadays, rulings and amendments of statutes are made on a daily basis; making it difficult to keep an overview of all important topics, even for the most experienced lawyer. Your legal periodicals filter the most significant rulings and statute amendments and prepare a concise overview, so that you are always wellinformed about important changes. In the meantime, your administration magazine makes sure that you learn about any developments within the administrative field immediately.

Whoever would like to excel as an attorney at law or administration employee needs more than just theoretical expertise. Moreover, it’s necessary to respectively train and further development one’s soft skills. Your trade magazine helps you organize your law firm and to coherently advise your clients and show them how you can efficiently organize the internal administrative workflows within their establishment.

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