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With a Travel Magazine, You can Journey to the Most Exotic Corners of the World or Explore them in Detail with a Science Magazine

In travel magazines, you’ll find everything you need to know about your next vacation - right up to your trip’s destination that you were even able to come across through the articles and coverage. Get inspired by our recreational magazines, should you not only be on the lookout for new places, but for exhilarating experiences as well. Or just combine places with experiences and let our science magazines whisk you away into the small and great world of knowledge.

Shop just the way you’d like: Are you searching for inspiration for your next trip or a new hobby or are you interested in stories about certain places, activities or totally different subjects? Leaf through hundreds of different issues, browse through the archive of travel magazines and only buy those pages or articles that are truly of interest to you. You’ve already discovered your greatest passion? If so, we recommend a subscription or even a flat rate that bundles several magazines to one topic.

Read just the way you’d like: Whether fresh from the printer into your mailbox or even faster as an epaper: With us, you get your reading material exactly as you’d like it. Regardless if on paper, as a PDF-file, on the web or in the App; you’ll find the right magazine in the right format for your individual reading pleasure, guaranteed!

The Destiny of Your Next Trip

Those looking to escape their everyday drudge for a while are drawn abroad. With the right reading material, dreams of sunny beaches, green jungles or snowcovered mountains can be read about at a favorable price in exciting travelogues.

And should you discover your spot in the distance, the one that doesn’t let you go, a travel magazine with detailed coverage will help to get the most out of your travel budget and when you get back home, it will help keep those journey dreams alive.

Play, Fun and Sports

For those who prefer not to travel abroad for suspense and recreational fun will get their money’s worth here. Between the pages of our newspapers and magazines, you can get informed, compare and let you get inspired.

Recreational magazines aren’t just recreational magazines: From lifestyle magazines over hobby magazines, car magazines and computer magazines right up to nature magazines and hot from the press sports news, there’s a bit of something for everyone.

One Fascinating Science Magazine Next to Another

You’ll find science magazines covering all kinds of topics of the past and the future in our huge selection. Current knowledge from nature and technology blend here with the world’s history’s most fascinating occurrences.

Not only one’s thirst for knowledge can be stilled with a science magazine: Also health guides und magazines für various professional fields such as management, the restaurant and foodservice industry, architecture or law can be found here.

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