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Social Robotics is the study of robots that are able to interact and communicate among themselves - mehr 

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This journal is a periodic publication which consolidates high impact contributions from researchers and developers in the field of social robotics, offering readers a holistic view of this emerging industry. Its purpose is manifold. On the one hand, it serves as a unified publication and guide from which students, engineers and researchers new to the field will be able to obtain a quick introduction and overview of the latest developments in all aspects of Social Robotics. On the other hand, it is a unified platform for established researchers to publish relevant work and where healthy discussions and information /result sharing can take place, to further spur the advancements of social robotics as a field. The potential market includes students (undergraduates and postgraduates), mechanical, electrical, and computer engineers/scientists, robo-ethicists, social scientists, university researchers, commercial companies (e.g. in the toy and entertainment industries), amongst many others.
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