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Due to rapid advancements in integrated circuit technology - mehr 

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Please direct queries to the Editorial Office (see link on right hand side) - Although there are many journals addressing the subject of image processing, the Journal of Real-Time Image Processing (JRTIP) is the only one that is solely dedicated to the real-time aspect of image and video processing. - It is often the case that an image processing algorithm is developed and proven theoretically sound, presumably with a specific application in mind, but its practical applications and the detailed steps, methodology, and trade-off analysis required to achieve its real-time performance are never fully explored. JRTIP is thus intended to bridge the gap between the theory and practice of image and video processing, serving the greater community of researchers, practicing engineers, and industrial professionals who deal with designing, implementing or utilizing real-time image and video processing systems. - - The real-time aspect is critical in many real-world devices or products such as
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