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Aktuelles Titelbild von Journal of The Institution of Engineers India Series D. In der Ausgabe 1/2012 geht es um die Themen: Sustainable Mineral-Intensive Growth in Odisha, India - Multi-Response Optimization of Carbidic Austempered Ductile Iron Production Parameters using Taguchi Method - A Look into Miners’ Health in Prevailing Ambience of Underground Coal Mine Environment - Induction Steel: Inclusion Content and Mechanical Properties of Reinforcing Bars Produced from Pencil Ingots and Continuously Cast Billets - High Temperature Erosive Wear Study of NiCrFeSiB Flame Sprayed Coatings - Anomalous Dilatometric Response in Fe–Mn–Al–Si Steel - Large In Situ Shear Test Box for Mine Waste Dump - The use of Dimensional Analysis and Optimization of Pneumatic Drilling Operations and Operating Parameters. Lesen Sie gerne Wissenschaftsmagazine? Dann empfehlen wir Ihnen Journal of The Institution of Engineers India Series D als Abo oder Geschenkabo.
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The Institution of Engineers (India) is the largest professional body of Engineers established in 1920 and was granted the Royal Charter in 1935. IEI encompasses 15 Engineering Disciplines and one Interdisciplinary Division. It is worthy to mention that the Institution had accredited the course curriculum of IIT Kharagpur, the first IIT established in India. It also has the distinction of producing the maximum number of engineers in the core engineering disciplines, thus augmenting the nation building efforts. The Institution has a national presence of over 100 State and Local Centres in India and further extended its services to the International Community with five Overseas Chapters around the world. It has the full Membership of World Federation of Engineering Organization, Federation of Engineering Institution of South and Central Asia, Federation of Engineering Institution of South and the Pacific, Commonwealth Engineers Council, Federation of International du Beton and World Mining Congress. In a landmark achievement, the Institution obtained full Membership of the Engineers Mobility Forum for India at the Biennial International Engineers Meeting held at Kyoto, Japan in the year 2009.To promote the study of Engineering with a view to disseminate the information for facilitating the scientific and economic development of Engineering in India, The Institution of Engineers (India) is organizing Lectures, Seminars, Workshops, Indian Engineering Congress, International Conferences etc. at various parts of the country. Apart from organizing the technical activities in various engineering disciplines, the Institution has been disseminating the quality information regarding its activities and latest developments in the field of Engineering and Technology through IEI News and Technorama. It also publishes and circulates various Journals and publications to keep its members abreast in the areas of Aerospace, Agricultural, Architectural, Chemical, Civil, Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical, Electronics & Telecommunication, Environmental, Marine, Mechanical, Metallurgical & Materials, Mining, Production and Textile Engineering.
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